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Doctor wont help me, Crohns has spread everywhere

Hoping for some advice or support. My crohns has spread everywhere at this point and by everywhere I mean everywhere...eyes, mouth, as well as other areas. I owe the gastro $300 for a 30 minute convo with a Pancreas specialist (no idea &#128580 so I made an appt with my primary who basically told me I needed to see my gastro after I explained the situation. I start crying out of frustration and she finally agrees to perscribe me steroids (they used to shove them down my throat now they treat me like a drug seeker when I ask for them like these are opioids), shortly after I'm hospitalized and go through the worst pain of my life, take a week off work, I continue with the steroids but every time I taper lower than 20 mg I start to get sick, I run out of steroids, call the gastro arrange a payment plan, call my primary tell them what's happening and ask for a refill. My primary care Dr won't return my calls. Is this medical malpractice?? Can I sue? I cut the prednisone off cold turkey. I went to Mexico and picked up Cipro and Flagyl to try and treat myself. This has to be bacteria related.
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You have to wean off of the prednisone or you will be worse. Go for a second opinion. Don't self medicate yourself. Keep us updated.
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As far as I recall steroids have many side effects if used long term, that's why the docs are probably restricting them. I woudn't take antibiotics for crohn's they could make you worse by affecting the good bacteria.

For now consider focusing on improving diet then plan on seeing another doctor. Avoid refined sugar and remove lactose, get calcium from cheese instead because its low in lactose. Avoid red meat and choose chicken and fish instead. get soluble fiber form oats which will help feed the good bacteria, avoid excessive omega 6 fats like corn oil, choose olive oil or canola oil instead for cooking. Avoid problem carbs like corn, potatoes and rice. get extra vitamin d like 1000iu-2000iu. I have a ton of advice these tips have helped me survive crohn's for 7 years with minimal meds, I have had no surgery either. some of this was derived from a book called braking the vicious cycle.

You are somewhat correct thinking crohns is related to bad bacteria, i take different herbs that are meant to destroy bacteria, natural antibiotics if you will. I make a tea with 1/2 tblspoon basil,1tsp mixed italian herbs blend, 1/2 packet green tea, small amount of ground cloves, 1 tablespoon fresh ginger or more, black pepper. i also make pills with coconut oil in them and take them with every meal, i use an eye dropper to put them in the pill. in my oatmeal every morning i put 2 kinds of cinnamon ceylon and cassia, all these herbs in hibit the growth of bad bacteria.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Support Forum » Doctor wont help me, Crohns has spread everywhere
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