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Significant other doesn't understand

Does anyone have a significant other who doesn't understand nor try to understand what we go through? My boyfriend is being a selfish jerk and I just had my first major surgery (small bowel resection). I don't know what to do because I know this is hard on family members too but I am having a really hard time physically and emotionally.


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I feel that I am my son's only true advocate. Even his father doesn't fully get it. Crohn's has really opened my eyes about how terribly sick people are treated by the world.
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Hi Sharkgirl. I've had many people act that way throughout my life. Something similar happened to me when I had my first resection. My boyfriend at the time wasn't very understanding and just continued hanging out with his friends and not really being very supportive of me. We didn't stay together. Thankfully my husband is very understanding.

You'd think that if they went through something similar then they would be more understanding but some people still act that way even then. You can't change a person but maybe some day they'll realize that you need more help with emotional support as well. We're all here for you.
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