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My heating pad is from walgreens as well and I only buy the extra long t with Auto shut offs. the auto shut off is key! I've also done the rice in a sock deal, but any weight no matter how little aggrevates the pain, it's like the princess and the pea scenario ('cept I'm not a princess, just high maintenance )
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I bought one from walgreens, I love it!! It is extra long so it fits all areas of my abdomin. I think it was a "sunbeam". It cost between 20-30 bucks. It is well worth it though. It has an automatic shutoff so if you happen to fall asleep, it shuts off after a certain time. It also has heat control settings too, which is nice you can control how warm you want it. Definitely worth it. Shoot, my heating pad is my best friend!!!
I hate that mine shuts off automatically!! I wish it'd stay on all night.
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I have two. Both are Sunbeams from Walgreens. One at work and one at home. I use them mostly for fistula and joint pain these days although I have certainly had them on my tummy plently.

The one at work is extra long and covers almost the whole chair so I can sit on it for my fistula without it being obvious. Most people assume it is for my back. I just nod and let them think whatever they want.

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Hi, any recommendations as to which heating pad to get? I've been getting slot of stomach pains recently so I'm trying everything.
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I love mine during a flare. It helps with the pain so much.
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I'm going to order one of these I think it's a good thing as I'm not a fan of cords
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I use hot water bottles. They're cheap and easy to use and easy to buy. The only problem (which would apply to any heating pad) is when the weather is too warm for them to be comfortable. Ice packs help with some types of pain, but with this disease the pain seems to respond best to heat.
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I LOVE my heating pad. This post just made me think to use my microwaveable heating pad tonight to help my tiny (but annoying) flare.
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I love my heating pad.

I have a relatively cheap CVS brand one with three heat settings - works great for me. I also have body heat patches for when I'm out and about.

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My fiancee just made me a magic bag. It's fabric that she sewed up with pearl barley inside. Just stick it in the microwave for a couple minutes or until you get the desired heat level and slap it on your gut. It's amazing!! The first time I used it was when I felt diarrhea coming on and it actually stopped the cramps and I had a regular BM later. Crisis averted!! Been using it when I can ever since.
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I could not live without my heating pad,with my colostomy it is a little more difficult but I still use it.
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I use a heating pad all the time. I actually sit on it because it helps the pain from the anal fissure and fistula i have. I just have it plugged in on side of my bed, and when I'm not using it I just tuck it under the bed. So it's easily reached when I need it, and easy to put up. Lol
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I use my heating pad all the time too. Mine is also plugged in constantly next to the bed. I find that if I can lie down for an hour or so with it on it really eases the discomfort a lot.

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I have 2 that you pop in the microwave, I couldn't do without them, really good at soothing the pain and cramps.
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Thank you God for this website! I am new to this disease and to this website. I was worried that a heating pad would or could make it worse but it gave me so much comfort! I am so struggling with all aspects of being new to navigating this disease and I think this website will aid me immensely!
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The heating pad was great for the pain and discomfort from my stricture before I had surgery. I'd recommend buying one with the auto shut off.

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Best $20 i ever spent was on my heating pad with the auto shutoff. I keep it by my bed and use it often, sometimes just to relax and sometimes to relieve pain and cramping but it always works great!
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I like my heating pad I just wish it was hotter I hold it tight. I don't know if it aggravates the inflammation but it helps with pain and gas.
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Actually heat soothes a disperses inflamation that's why when people have back or joint pain they recommend hot baths I get pain in my anus from crohn's and a hot bath is a god send for me
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I love mine. I have both a heated mattress pad (with optional auto shutoff for 2,4,6 and 8 hours) as well as a microwaveable hot pad. I also have a hot water bottle which stays warm longer but isn't as comfy to sleep with.
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I use one of these now I sleep with it all night long I can put my whole body weight on it and it doesn't leak or explode it's a great thing.
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Very happy to have just found this forum and glad I'm not the only one with heat pads everywhere! I use alot of the portable click heat pads. The best deal i could find was through a company called HandsOnHeat. I don't know what I would do without intense heat when flare ups happen
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I know whenever I apply heat to my stomach if it isn't feeling well it always helps.
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I absolutely love my heating pad!!!! My father got me it as a gift after I was diagnosed with crohn's. I have it with me all the time and even at school when I'm having pains.
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Heating pads were a most during flares.Now I have 2 I use at night for my knees.
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You know the wide belts from the 80's, well i think i, we, you ~ need to design some that are heating pads on the inside, battery operated ~ so we can wear them anytime and even in public!

Be well, God bless.
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I love mine so much! Its also good for my joints too! I also use the ones you can put in the microwave and the lavender/wheat smell seems to help me fall asleep
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That is what we used to have is the ones for the microwave and they are great.

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