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View Poll Results: Did you have alot of Antibiotics as a Kid????
Yes 84 76.36%
No 20 18.18%
Not Sure 6 5.45%
Voters: 110. You may not vote on this poll

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and a whole slew of people have been on a.b. and never had a problem
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I was very sickly as a child and was constantly on antibiotics, and my mom is clean-freak, so I was probably seriously lacking in "good bacteria" LOL.

I have also heard that being born via C-section has an effect a baby's gut flora... Would be interesting to see how many of us are C-section babies. I am!

Also agree with whomever suspected that a vaccine may have been a trigger in their disease. I was required to have a Hep B vaccine to do clinicals for nursing... My first major flare and subsequent diagnosis came a few months later.

I don't think there is any one specific cause for autoimmune disorders, but rather a combination of all the environmental factors stressing an immune system that is already genetically susceptible. Stress, viruses, antibiotics, vaccines, toxins, etc... all add up over time, and at some point I think the immune system just goes haywire. But, that's just my humble opinion.
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I agree AVW, I think it is like a pot of water that is just waiting to boil over. I think it is a build up of stressers that are put on the immune system for so long that finally the bottom drops from under.( I believe this is the case with a lot of orphan diseases and immune diseases). I was born natural(no c-section), but my mom did have severe toxemia late in her pregnancy with me( we almost both died). I was premature about 4 weeks, I weighed only 4 and half lbs. I am not saying this is why I am sick, but there could be a possible connection. I wonder how many on here were born premature??
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Yep. The liquid pink bubble gum flavored stuff. Yummy. lol
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Interesting poll.

Let it be noted that factory farm cows and dairy farm cows are constantly fed antibiotics their whole life and many have Johne's Disease.
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"- Hippocrates

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Lots of ear infections, bloody noses, flu during my childhood. I've always been the "sick kid" in my family. Even as an adult anytime I get the sniffles I end up with antibiotics for an infection, or bronchitis.
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I was on antibiotics for years as a teen (like 6 years) for acne. It cured the acne, but I have always wondered if it also caused my UC. Nothing I can do about it now...
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As a kid I did take antibiotics I suffered from chronic ear infections. And was diagnosed with Crohns at age 8
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Lots of ear infections, bloody noses, flu during my childhood. I've always been the "sick kid" in my family. Even as an adult anytime I get the sniffles I end up with antibiotics for an infection, or bronchitis.
I was, and am, exactly the same. Tubes in and out of my ears several times, antibiotics many times as an infant, allergic to everything, always getting bronchitus, upper resp...etc...

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I know this thread is old but I voted no way back because apparently I didn't know. I actually was given antibiotics as a kid for an ear infection.
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Once or twice I think, no more than is normal for a child.
Crohn's diagnosis in 2005, aged 14.
Ignored until late 2012.
Currently undergoing re-assessment.

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