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Food allergies and crohn's?

Hi. New to this forum. I'm the mom to the dx crohn's patient. My 9 year old son was dx May of 2013. He has severe food allergies: milk, eggs, peanuts and treenuts. He is on apriso. He has started hurting after every meal. I have taken wheat out of his diet. It seems to get better but takes a week or so to get out of his system. When better he wants wheat again and his dad agrees that wheat doesn't hurt. He was negative for celiac. I'm looking for a good book to help me feed him or with alternative therapy.
Thank you!
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Hi and welcome.
I certainly know what your going through.
My girl is five and is allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, corn, beef and pork plus more.
My Grace has also been dx with EGID's. It's a set of allergic diseases.
What does his GI have to say about the after the meal pain?
I know my girl use to get this before the dx and its kind of happening again.
But much like you it gets confusing with food allergies.

We also have a wonderful parents forum. Please feel free to stop by and post your story.
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Second the "what does the Gi say ?"
DS is 10 and was dx with crohn's at 7 and has had food allergies for years.
Aspiro typically is not enough to keep crohn's in remission as a monotherapy in children.
When was his last bloodwork , imaging or scope?
Pain with meals would be worth a phone call to the GI for us.
Does your child test IgE positive to the foods you have removed ?
Has he seen his allergist recently ?

Good luck
Let us. Know what the Gi says ?
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