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I'm new.

Hi. I'm a grad student in my mid thirties. My lab is 402 steps from the finest hospital in Western Washington. When I'm not in my lab, I am studying photosynthesis in the temperate rainforest or teaching in the Amazon or leading field trips to Mount Rainier. Its a sweet gig.

Like a lot of you I'm the kind of patient every teaching hospital wants. Everything that happens to me is atypical and would be kinda awesome if you were watching it on House but is significantly less awesome in person. I was diagnosed at age 16 with L4&L3 Crohn's after presenting a single gigantic erythema nodosum that lasted a year before any GI symptoms kicked in. The past 18 years have been mostly calm - a fistula here, an abscess there, all the usual low-level pains and grievances - punctuated briefly but regularly by HUGELY UNPLEASANT EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.

Bonus - both my mother and sister have Crohn's as well. Its the best network possible and comparing symptoms and drugs is a fun game!

So thanks for the help in advance. Looking forward to figuring out these puzzles in my guts.
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Hi and welcome.
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Glad it's mostly been at bay and you have a great immediate support system. Welcome to the forum., you will find quite a few of us have crohns running in the family.
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Hello there, Canary.

Sounds like you have things mostly under control? Except, of course, those HUGELY unpleasant emergency situations. *sigh* Such a humbling disease this is. Hate that your mother and sister, too, are both affected by Crohn's but yes, you do have your own little very handy support group circle right at your finger tips!

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Hi Canary,

Welcome to the forum! If you feel like talking about doing grad school while dealing with Crohn's, or discussing random botanical things, PM me!
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Hi, welcome to the forum.
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