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In Need of Some Help!!!

Hi Everyone!!! I am in need of some advice from fellow Crohns/IBD patients. I am at a lost on how I am feeling and what to do next. I am basically mentally and physically exhausted from trying to figure out what is going on with my body. I was hoping to explain a little of my medical back ground for the past few months and see if I can get some advice/explanation.

Ok.... So I have been battling "IBS" symptoms for years and was just diagnosed with IBS about a year and half ago. I have extreme periods of constipation and then extreme periods of diarrhea. I also have cramping and major bloating. I have a GI doc that diagnosed me with IBS. He prescribed me Levsin SL to help with the IBS. I have always second guessed this diagnosis because my symptoms are so extreme from one second to the next. The GI doctor basically said that I was stressed and had an anxiety issue and wanted to prescribe me an antidepressant.

Well.... about 1 month ago my symptoms started getting worse. I had no sudden lifestyle change or anything that would produce any extra anxiety. I started having major diarrhea soon after eating. I could eat and within 5 minutes I would have to go to the bathroom. One night I started bleeding bright red blood and tons of it mixed in with my stool. I was rushed to the ER and admitted due to the amount of blood lost. They scheduled a Colonoscopy while I was admitted and found three internal hemorrhoids. By that time the bleeding stopped and I did not have to have any kind of surgery.

On my follow up appt the GI doc basically said that I had a very sensitive stomach and that everything was normal and my diagnosis was still IBS. Soon after I started feeling really bad again. I started getting fever for no reason, loss of appetite, nauseous, weak, broke out in a rash and started having what seemed like panic attacks. These attacks would make me feel like I had an extreme urge to go, but I couldn't. It felt like a heat rush coming over my body. I went to my general doc and she ran a bunch of test. The test showed a high sed rate (high inflammation) and also she diagnosed me with anemia and a B12 deficiency. I am now taking daily B12 injections and iron supplements. I am still having extreme diarrhea right after eating. I have lost 12 pounds in 1 month. I have been to the ER multiple times because I just do not feel right. I have had numerous test ran and do not have Lupus or RA. I told my GI doctor about the blood test results and how I was feeling. He said that I am the poster child for IBS and that I have extreme anxiety/depression issues.

I just wanted to see what you guys thought... does this sound just like IBS? Should I get a second opinion? I just feel so bad and all the other ppl I know with IBS do not have these symptoms or blood test results.... Again my GI doc said my colonoscopy and edg showed up normal. Could I still have Crohns with these test being normal? Please let me know what you think and share any advice. I am at a loss and dont understand how IBS can really be this extreme.... I appricate any response.
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Hi and welcome. It's awful, you've endured so much.

You're certainly not alone in your experience. We have a great undiagnosed group here. They understand.
I would suggest a second opinion. Blood and weight loss would be a concern to me.
I do know IBD can take a long time to diagnose.

Sending you my support.
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Hi, welcome

My first thought is get a second and maybe a third opinion, after that it might be easier for you to deal with. Also do some adjustments with food, I dont know what you eat and drink, but a sensitive stomach needs what it needs. I have adjusted my intake, but not following any sort of diet, just monitor how my body reacts to different food.

Good luck
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My thoughts on the subject is get a second opinion, it's not right for you to keep on feeling this way . i have crohn's and it is normal for a colonoscopy to come out normal and constipation does follow crohn's especiallly if the bowel is swollen due to the inflammation and yes diarrhea is very common with IBD, Also, with IBS i am afraid.I have both and I am afraid there is no such diet for IBD but, diarrhea to follow you after everthing you eat is not right especially when this there is blood is involved. If it's bright blood then it a new wound like hemorhoids or a fistula in the bowel region. but if it's dark blood it means the the inflammation is up further up in the bowel and should be taken seriously. Like i said get a second opinion with a new GI specialist for further investigation it can't hurt it might shed more light on the subject and give up the answers you are looking for. Some diet tips , i have for you is stay away from greasey foods, whole wheat foods and spices. Boil you meat and chicken , basically boil everything . But for time being stick to liquids for a few days and let have the bowel time to rest. I hope this helps a bit.

best regards, big hugs

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