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A little help please

I had a perforated bowel in 2011 that resulted in colectomy, appendectomy and an ostomy. I had a colon revision a few months later. The biopsy of deteriorated bowel came back inconclusive. I had a colonoscopy while I had an ostomy and said to come back "clear" of any polyps etc. When I had my revision they took out 3 more inches saying the intestine was deteriorated and worn as well. Since my revision I have had bowel issues non stop. I will have spells of
Dark loose stool
Yellow stool with pieces of undigested food
Very small amounts of bright red Blood in stool
Mucous in stool
Abdominal pain (mild to severe) with constant ache
Urgency that will make my body clench, become extremely hot, goose bumps and nausea
Ulcers in my mouth
Flaring/inflammation of my gums, soft palat and horrible flaring of my geographic tongue
Horrible back pain that makes me feel like I can't bend over 90 degrees
Inability to do physical activity normal to me (crossfit)
Pain/swelling in my ankles.
I never have "normal" stool. It's always soft "fluffy" or watery and stringy.
I had a CBC and sed done and came back normal but my CRP hasn't come back yet. I have a colonoscopy scheduled. Am I losing my mind with all of these random pains? Is it ibs? After 3 years I decided I couldn't live my life this way. I've developed horrible anxiety. Also during my pregnancy last year they did an ultrasound of my intestines and found inflammation in my sigmoid colon.
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I also get anal fissures now and then, a rash that shows on my hands and upper thighs that is flesh colored with little clear bumps that have clear fluid inside and I get eye irritation. All of these symptoms show up around the same time with my ankle pain and back pain being the first sign. Next is the diarrhea abdominal pain and eye irritation. Then my mouth becomes inflamed. After a few days the diarrhea goes away. The inflammation in my mouth turns to ulcers. My eye irritation goes away. The abdominal pain and back pain are what lasts the longest. It will feel like I'm having a baby when trying to defecate (I know I have had two with one being natural birth).

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