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Crohns: on the pill but missed my period?

Hi everyone. Im new to the forum. I had a flare up for the past month or so. I went from absolutely no crohns symptoms to having cramping diarrhea not too bad though. I am on birth control and missed my last period (three weeks late now). My periods were always very regular. I took too pregnancy test- both negative. I was wondering if this is normal? To miss a period during a flare up even when on birth control?
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My periods were all over the place but then I wasn't particularly regularly ever. However I think I had the crohns from a child. I think this is pretty par for the course.
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Are you underweight Yogi? Sometimes if you have a sudden weight loss, or are significantly underweight, your periods can stop. Mine have stopped due to low weight, but never simply because I'm flaring so long as my weight has been stable. Stress has also contributed to my periods being late in the past.
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Sarah- my weight has been very constant surprisingly.
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Hi there

I've skipped periods without being on birth control and without being in a flare, my doctors told me that it's normal to miss one occasionally, since the cycle can change at any time, especially if you are young.

I'd not be worried just yet, stick to your routine with your pill and see what happens. If you continuously miss periods then you might need to see your doctor. Some pills can interfere with your cycle even if you do have a 'break ' where you're supposed to come on.

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