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What is a good multi vitamin?

Hi everyone .
This is only my second post ,so new here obviously My question is, i would like to see what ppl look for when selecting a good all round multi vitamin for Crohns disease patients. I have been on MV"s in the past but am currently not on any because id like to see first what i am looking for in the product. Sometimes i feel that when i go to the naturepath they throw me what ever they have and not only does it cost allot but i dont feel i get the same answer everytime as to what vitamins / minerals etc i really need.
I am currently on 100mg immurane and its been almost a year since my bowel resection at the terminal illeum. I try to eat as well as i can but as a tradesman i still eat wrong at times no breakfast cause i get up at 5am , i never feel like eating that early, and of course i do have a couple of beers here and there. Dont smoke.
Thank you for any advice , Kane.
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Hi. I asked my GI that very question just this past Friday. He said any of them are pretty good. I also asked him about nutritional drinks...I drink BOOST made by Nestle probably 3 times a day or more depending. He said that that is a very good source of vitamins and minerals, it is more expensive than a multivitamin though. There are a couple of nutritional drinks out there Ensure, Boost and I know others in these forums have mentioned other brands that are made and sold in different countries. Hope that helps a bit.
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Best person to ask is your local pharmacist. They actually know more then the doctors do. I do know you will need high doses of Calcium and Vitamin D. Especially in the winter months when we are indoors alot. Or some that cant stand the heat and stay indoors alot. I dont know the brands you have in the UK, best to ask your druggist.
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hi thanks for your replies.
I have taken protein shakes also in the past and i know that recently they ran a test on them and most turned out to have significent lvl's of metals and some other nasties.
I even wonder if that was started some of my inflamation or just simply made it worse, at the time of flare up and never felt like eating so i got protein/carb shake formula and i had them 2-3 times a day and never put an ounce of weight on
Anything else ppl? how about B12 injections??
Cheers, Kane.

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