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Help With treatment

My wife has had severe pain and stomach problems for almost the past year. Finally the doctors did a pill cam this summer and decided she has crohns. She has been on pantasa since then and entocort for the past 6 weeks with little results. We have an appt. with her GI doc next week. Is it too soon to switch to remicade or something else? She spends most days curled up, suffering on the couch. She is getting extremely depressed and sees no end. Any suggestions? Thanks, John
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Maybe the entocort is too mild? She might need a run of Prednisone to settle things down. Although that comes with its own set of side effects!

Pentasa is also a very mild drug, which helps maintain remission once you're there, but is no good for putting you there. If Pentasa doesn't work, the usual next step is 6mp or azathioprine.

Depression is not uncommon with Crohn's, hopefully once the pain is being treated her mood will improve, but if not she may need counselling.
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Entocort and Pentasa are typically good for less severe symptoms. If there really hasn't been much of an improvement in 6 weeks, then definitely consider trying something else. Prednisone works for a lot of people but the side effects can be and usually are nasty. An immunosupressant like Azathiaprine/imuran can help, but often takes a while (6 months) to take effect, and that can cause issues as well. Something biologic like Remicade/Humira/Cimzia is definitely worth looking into, as well.

It's hard to get over feeling depressed until symptoms improve. Just give your support and whenever your wife is feeling up to it, try and get her out to do something fun.

Best of luck.
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When it comes down to it, you really need to see your doctor before anything. Our disease is so diverse that while we can suggest things that work for us it may not work for her. Your doctor will be able to tell you what your best options are, and then you can decide if the benefits are worth the risks. In the mean time you could try a low residue diet or try to stick to liquids to help rest the bowel and provide temporary relief. Nutritional shakes can help such as ensure or boost. I liked enlive the best, but I think they're expensive and hard to find.
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Hi John
and welcome

I can't add anything else, everyone's said it all!
But a big welcome, and to your wife too, ask her to join us, lots of friends here for you both, all paddling in the same boat! It might help her to know she's not alone!
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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