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I had the fecal transplant procedure through the Mayo last March. I have Crohns, but the intense pain i was having was caused by cdiff. I tried all the antibiotics but it kept coming back.

My wife was going to be the donor, as she has always been healthy as a horse. But to our surprise, she tested positive for some little bug and I couldnt use her. Instead, the Mayo has some anonymous donors who have been screened, and I had to go that route.

I am sad to say that i dont think it worked. Within a week the pain was back and i was back on antibiotics. However, after that course the cdiff appeared to be clear for a few months. I did have positive tests again for cdiff. As a result, i have been forced to stay on low does of flagyl on a daily basis.
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Rockin on: Wow, thatīs odd! Canīt you use another donor? Maybe the donors you tried with doesnīt have what you need in the bacteriadepartment?

Where is your crohns located? What other meds are you using?

I would like to think that FMT, providing that itīs used a couple of times, works in almost everyone and with a 100% hitrate. I never heard of anyone where it did not work.
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Dave_tampa it's been a long time since you posted to this thread. Does the doctor in Tampa still do fmt?

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