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Stem Cell Treatment - New Study Published

I cannot post links, but its on the website of BLOOD

Add the http code before this and you will get to the editorial about the study. The editorial is freely available, the article itself (there is a link there at the top to it) requires payment or subscription
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Thanks for that link. I'll repost it in a clickable format:


And here is the link to the original study intro:

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Thanks for posting the link. I was hoping the results of the stufy would be better. But even 1-5 years of remission is better than nothing.
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1-5 years of remission is better than nothing.
It's better than anything we have ever come across. When and if your crohn's comes back, it is never as bad as before, and most of the time managable with mild meds. Thats after years of a crohns free life. 99% of the time the patient was either near death or surgery before they accept them for the transplant. More exciting is the potential it holds. Who knows how long the donor transplants might keep you in remission. Since it's from a donor, it would have the possibility of being a lifetime.
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There is also another stem cell procedure that is currently being done in Spain. It is similar but they are using stem cells from the actual patients bone marrow. After the extraction of stem cells, the immune system is completely destroyed to where the patient has zero immunity left. The survival rate at this point was said to be 50 50. After that then an entirely new immune system is reconstructed. I watched a semi documentary about this and patients that survive the procedure are living the REST of their life without symptoms of CD! Only problem is that only people that have used every option can undergo it and that the cost is probably tremendous.
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how does one go about doing these stem cell transplants? I imagine it's expensive and how does this procedure work?
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That thread has an abundance of info.

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