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Frustrations with Disability in Ontario

This is completely ridiculous, and I am so frustrated right now I could spit nails!
I called to find out about applying for disability, after much deliberating on my part. We're really struggling to make ends meet, especially with my medications and health care needs.

Well, I find out today that my fiance and I are considered common law partners, despite the fact that we haven't lived together for 2 years, simply because we live together. (In Ontario, you're not common law unless you've lived together for two years or have a child together. We don't meet either of those criteria...)
So Ontario Disability Support Program doesn't work for me, and I don't qualify for their drug program either, simply because my fiance makes too much money. (Anything over $1070 a month is "too much"!)

What am I supposed to do now? Either I can stop taking my medication and get sicker, or I will have to find a way to get a job. Anyone want to help me rob a bank?
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Hi Jinx girl, I am in the same boat. I had worked all my adult life up to 10 years ago and paid into CPP, I have been ill for many years and my Gi said I should qualify for disability pension. So to avoid stress my husband did ALL the correspondence as I wasn't sure I would qualify. After the idiots bothered my Gi, Gp and previous doctors for written stuff about my Crohns and operations. WE told them from the get go I have NOT worked in 10 years and proceeded with all the paperwork anyways only after months and crap, they say since I haven't worked more than 7 years I dont qualify. What a waste of time!!! So my paralegal sent me this,

If you have worked even a few years and paid CPP you should qualify. Call this place or call your local MP, they can help too. My husband works so I am ok. But if you can't afford your meds, call Trillium, they HAVE to help you. Good luck.
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Hi JynxGrl:

Don't know if this will help. MIght give you some ideas, so here's what my relative who lives in Ontario, works in social service and has a disabled son says:

"Here's the actual definition of a common-law relationship in Ontario ... It is in fact three years (also according to Canadian of Federal law) when it comes to spousal or child support. However, at the lobbying of couples to qualify for "spousal employee benefits" some years ago, a common-law relationship can be recognized if the couple has been together for 1 year. (Common-law partners, however do not necessarily qualify under the family reform act when it comes to the distribution of property in the event of a break up - that can become messy and a "civil" court matter. Another key, and the one that Ontario Disability Support is most likely using is ( the one year for sure) but there is also a clause if the couple presents themselves to the community as "domestic partners" which this couple obviously does.

I have worked with cases, and know of a few right now that in fact the disabled person would not, in fact, qualify if their "domestic partner" or common-law spouse earns over a certain amount of money. If less than the $1070 a month mentioned for example they may be able to get a top up to household income, but again not over the $1070. The drug benefits are a major issue as many people disabled people "stay single" in order not to lose the drug benefit.

Even, say in my adult son's case he earns money (and he doesn't get as much because he lives at home) whatever he earns 50% of that is taken off his cheque but he then gets $100 employment benefit, so if he made $200 a month part-time he would end up with the same amount in his pocket. The system was changed to this to encourage people with disabilties to take some form of work if they choose. He could make quite a bit and still "stay on the system" and hence his drug benefits.

The Trillium Drug program is: intended for Ontario residents who have a valid Ontario Health Card and who have high prescription drug costs in relation to their net household income. This has an annual deductible and varies based on household income. It is particularly helpful if you have very high drug costs for chronic illnesses or mental illness issues where drug costs can be astronomical.

What does her partner do for a living? If in fact he has a good job with a benefits package he could put her on his plan as a spouse under the 1 year common law provision. Unfortunately a lot of jobs up here don't have a benefits package."

Good Luck!


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Hello, first time poster here...does anyone know if Trillium (or other gov't bodies in Ontario) will cover naturopathic treatments, supplements etc. or is it only pharmaceuticals prescribed by MD's/specialists?
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Trillium covers prescription drugs and some nutrition products. There is a search engine here http://https://www.healthinfo.moh.go...lary/index.jsp to see what is covered. It changes a bit every year, this year they are not covering iron. There is also an Exceptional Access program that covers things like Remicade.

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