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New job and the big ol' Crohns strikes again

Hello people been diagnosed since Oct 2013 been more or less in remission(i control my diet like a Nazi) Now i have started a new job and shifted to another city living in a guesthouse so no control on food and guess who is back. Had a hell of a day yesterday running to the toilet every 10-15 min (during a training session with the MD!!). My pain is back and I barely want to move anymore. I'm too far away from home to go back (at least not for the next three weeks.) I want to work i want to have a life apart from my disease. I'm so tired on sat i went out with out with some friends for a movie and every hr i need the bathroom and throughout the movie I was just trying to calm down to try handle the pain. Cant call my parents because they worry too much and i don't want them to ask me to quit which i know they will.

I struggled through my post graduation and got through it really well thanks to some awesome friends and a strict diet. After i graduated in march went back home put on weight started getting better increased my food intake and variety. And now within a week of starting work where there still is no stress or long hrs(training weeks) i'm already exhausted and sick i'm just sick of it all. Its like a long vicious cycle and i don't know who to cry to and i'm mad at myself for feeling so sorry for myself. But its so hard..

How are you supposed to keep your spirits up and go and face everything with the same energy everyone else have? Its almost inhuman!
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Oh Sharon, I'm so sorry this has hit again. Sending you my support.
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