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Is Bad Chest Pain a Crohns Symptom?

I am currently waiting on my daughter getting a paediatric referral for joint pains and tummy pains. I am hoping she doesn't have Crohns like Andrew, but worth getting her checked.
I just wondered if anyone knew if severe chest pain can be a symptom too? Her heart has been checked in the past, so don't think it's that, which leaves the oesophogus. I am also having severe chest pain which the cardiologist thinks is my oesophogus. Has anyone heard of this. It does worry me.
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Sascot - did they ever check you for costochondritis? I remember you saying something about AS.
No idea about chest pain and Crohn's, sorry. I hope they can help her soon!
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By chest pain do you mean like heartburn type of pain?
Because that could be crohns related for sure.

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Explain the chest pain a little more?
My ribs swell (I think it's costochondritis, as mentioned above) sometimes's is hard to breath, other times my chest hurts. But, chest pain is always worthy of getting checked out, just to rule anything serious out.
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Thanks. It feels really sore just under the sternum, also feels like someone is kneeling on my chest. I have had costochondritis across my ribs and towards my sternum, but this feels different - deeper than the bone. I have had an ECG to check the heart and that is fine. My throat also gets a bit sore right up to the roof of my mouth. Thankfully it's only happened twice to my daughter so far
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Catherine just posted about her daughter having chest pains... maybe you can compare notes?
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I went to the ED one night with bad chest pain. It developed over a period of 6 hours and I couldn't lay down without feeling like an elephant was sitting on my chest. It kind of felt as if I had a big ball stuck near my heart.
They ended up doing a whole range of tests but my heart and lungs were fine (thank goodness!). After about 8 hours, they discharged me and said while they weren't completely sure what was causing it, my vital organs were okay.
I felt horrible because I felt as though I had wasted their time (they gave me reflux medication) but the doctor was amazing and spoke to me caringly about how harsh crohns and the medications are on the body.

In short, the doctor said he would rather have patients come in and leave being okay, than having us not come in at all and it causing problems. So if need be, get medical attention to be sure!
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Yes. Could be the esophagus.

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