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Live vaccines before starting IBD meds

Has anyone had to give their child a live vaccine before starting IBD meds? How did you handle that, timing wise? My son needs the MMR.

Thanks for any feedback.
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Pollymom I believe did and had to wait3-4 months I think to start humira
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Most time frames I have seen quote timeframes anywhere from 4-12 weeks but this quote sums it up the best...

Problems with LIVE VACCINES (planning ahead)

Many vaccines work better if they are alive but weak. They cause a better immune response. However, if you are taking an immunosuppressive medicine, these vaccines can cause infections. It is VERY IMPORTANT to avoid active virus vaccines while taking immunosuppressive medicines. The five vaccines that only come in live forms should be given at least 2 months before starting to take an immunosuppressive medicine (for example, prednisone, azathioprine, methotrexate, Remicade®, Humira®, Cimzia®). Live vaccines should not be given while you are taking immunosuppressive drugs, or within 2 months after these drugs are stopped. The inactivated form should be used instead whenever possible.
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My daughter had her MMR vaccine before being put on a biologic. I think we waited 8 or 12 weeks, I can't remember exactly. We just did the vaccine first and then started the meds. It wasn't ideal but she really did need that vaccine.
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