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Liquid Diet Question

Doing pretty well on my medications and keeping my weight on, but still get occasional bleeding and soft stools. I was recommended to get 50% of my calories from a liquid diet, specifically drinks like Boost and Ensure. Neither of which I particularly like.

When doing a liquid diet, does it have to be commercial drinks like Ensure to get the benefit, or could I, for example, count homemade soups, or smoothies made from yogurt and frozen fruit?

Thanks for your advice!
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homemade are fine too i'd say. But i'd consult a dietetician or nutritionist to ensure you get enough calories from it.

Also Modulen IBD is very specific for CD if you want to give it a try... the taste is not good but there is some anti inflammatory elements in it..
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Homemade is great and I would think cheaper and healthier. Add foods such as cooked butternut squash, pumpkin, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax oil, avocado, frozen berries, banana,tahini, vegan protein powder etc. Options are endless and can make it as calorie dense as you need. I purée my soups when I'm having issues. Still chew....I know it sounds weird but when you chew it starts the digestive juices
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They're trying me on fortisips which the strawberry flavour wasn't too bad. They want to start me on Modulen but heard it's gross so may opt for the ng tube if needed... Can your dietician send you samples? Mine sent a load out to me to try...

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