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Fibbing help needed!

I don't usually tell anyone about my Crohn's - in fact, only about five people know about it, despite a few hospitalisations and the fact I was on Infliximab for a couple of years. I'm not ashamed of it, as such - it's just that I'm naturally a very private, reserved person and talking about my health/any kind of personal issue feels weird to me, so I definitely prefer to avoid it.

I also have some very outdoorsy, energetic hobbies. When I'm surrounded by friends, doing something active, it makes me feel strong and young. It's like my little antidote to all the crap-ness that Crohn's has thrust into my life. None of my friends from that part of my life - even quite close friends - have any idea I'm sick, because it's like a little bubble that I refuse to let Crohn's into.

Funding for my Infliximab ran out in May, they stopped it, predictably I'm now beginning to flare again and face a three-week wait until funding can be agreed again. In the meantime, I'm going onto an elemental diet for three weeks.

As silly as it is, my main worry (apart from the pain, lol) is how to sustain my web of white lies while living on liquids! Quite difficult to hide it when I'm turning down cake, dinner-and-movie nights and spontaneous takeaways. I eat like a horse normally and no-one will believe me if I say I'm on a crash diet...

Whether or not you think that sounds ridiculous, has anyone else been in the same position? And do you have any advice for hiding an elemental diet?
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Oh dear, sorry to hear about the flare. This is a difficult one actually! When I did the elemental diet I just found it easier to tell the truth, but there are other things I'm fiercely private about so I know exactly what you mean.

Could you maybe say it's a diet to check for food allergies? Hopefully you would get away with that as it's only 3 weeks, and just say the liquid contains no allergens and you're going to re-introduce things one by one to see if anything sets you off? That may be far too close to the truth though!

Hopefully someone will come along with a better suggestion soon!
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Just tell them an abbreviated version of the truth. Just say that you are temporarily on a special diet to help with some digestive issues. No need to go into to details. If they press for details just say "Don't worry I'll be fine" and move on.
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I agree with Scipio - keep as close to the truth as you can. You have every right to keep these things private but lying/fibbing is very hard to maintain unless you are very practised at it. Trying not to slip up will only stress you even further.
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I'll support this too, its okay to be private but some things are very difficult to do so especially over the long term and will only add more stress. Stress is something IBD feeds from making it worse.

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