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PPI Sickness


I try and take as little supplements as possible, this means letting my PPI run out (either generic omeprazole or lansoprazole). Within a day or two, I start to generally feel awful. I get terrible brain fog, lethargy and a sour stomach.

I've tried betaine HCL in the past as most people produce too little acid, but got many of the same side effects as letting my PPI run out.

I hate to keep taking PPI's, but get terrible side effects every time I stop. Anyone have any tips/tricks for getting off PPI's for good? Besides tapering off with other acid reducers?
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Hey there,

Sorry to hear you're struggling. May I ask why you want to quit the PPI's?

Esomeprazole has given me my life back so some context would be a big help.

Thanks in advance!

Diagnosed severe Crohn's of the Duodenum, Terminal Ilium and Cecum.

Currently taking Azathioprine 100mg, Esomeprazole 40mg, B12 Injections and various supplements. Azathioprine failing so awaiting next steps
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Glad you brought this up, because I didn't know it was even an issue. I started on lansoprazole last month. Seems there is a few articles out there. This one may be a good possibility. http://drhoffman.com/article/how-to-...them-entirely/

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