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Had a Visit with my New GI - Got Some Questions

He wants to do another colonoscopy and an endoscopy next week. Crazy to get tests done so soon after meeting him just today huh? He wants to see for himself what everything looks like inside before he prescribes any meds. I have my followup with him on the 28th to decide what if any meds I'll be taking.

He said that maybe my acid reflux might just be from me not eating properly and at the wrong times and maybe because I'm slightly overweight. I've weighed more than this before and didn't have this much of a problem (waking up with bile in mouth or a lump in my throat) plus I've had this issue sitting up (having bile come up randomly).

He also said that my diarrhea and frequency may be a wheat allergy. I doubt that cause no matter what I eat, I have a problem with D and frequency.

He also said that I may benefit from getting a B-12 shot once a year. Problem is is that he doesn't think my insurance will cover it unless its absolutely dire.


* Last time I had a scope done, the doc didn't wait for the drugs to take effect before beginning the procedure so I'm worried about that happening again especially during the endoscopy (cause I don't want to be awake and gagging and fighting for air). Any suggestions on what to say to them before the procedure to make sure this never happens again? I told my new GI about it and he told me to just ask for more sedation.

* Is there a way to test for a wheat allergy?

* How much is the B-12 shot without insurance?
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Def. make sure you talk to the anesthesiologist and let them know the sedation did not work last time - my husband had that problem years ago with an endoscope and was very apprehensive about getting another one done...he talked to both the doc and the anesth....this last ime (2 weeks ago now) everything went FINE.....he has no clue what went on during the scope.....

Ask what drugs are being used also - at my GI they use Versed (sp) and old GI used valium and demerol....which didn't knock me out as much.....

I don't thinkg a B12 shot should be super expensive.....but only once a year? Maybe you should also try upping your B12 intake first?....not sure about that.....

I can see wanting to take a look for yourself (the doc)......and I would think there is a test for a wheat allergy - there seems to be a test for everything else!

Was there any type of a hiatal hernia diagnosed on your last endo?....that is what could be causing the reflux/bile etc.....

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Yeah I was just gonna say I have a Hiatus hernia, and I had the same symptoms. I have monthly b12 but our insurance pays for it and get the shot at my docs once a month. Cant help on the cost tho.

Hope you get some answers soon.
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I don't know about wheat allergy specifically, but I know they can biopsy for celiac to see if you're gluten intolerant. And if your insurance doesn't pay for the B12 shot, your doctor can always appeal to them - that's how I got Entocort. My insurance didn't want to pay for it and it's about $1200 per month, but my doctor appealed and gave them his reasons why I should be on Entocort, and they agreed to pay most of it. Now I only pay $75 per month for it. Good luck, and let us know how your scopes go!
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Hi Crabby.

You might want to look into seeing an allergist. They can test you for all sorts of things, including foods. Otherwise, an elimination diet would be the next step. Eliminating wheat completely from your diet for at least 2 weeks and then adding it back in and noting how you feel and any changes in bowel habits. The elimination diet can be hard sometimes...especially with eliminating something like wheat which is found in SO many things. But those would be my suggestions
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@ Pasobuff - The drugs knocked me out just fine, the GI just didn't wait at all for them to take affect (eager beaver so to speak). I did try upping my B-12 intake and it didn't make any difference (I've had a bowel resection and lost my ileum in the process). I haven't had an endoscopy since my diagnosis or around there so there's no past results to compare this one to.

I'm gonna be seeing my GP today and she was really interested in giving me a B-12 shot so we'll go over the blood test results today and see what she has to say about it. I'll tell her what my GI said as well. Maybe with two doctors backing me up will force my insurance to pay for it.

Edit: @ Marisa - I'll suggest it to my GP today. My guess is that she'll scoff at the idea of it being a wheat allergy just like I've been doing. I mean if I were allergic than I'd have a reaction every single time not just sometimes right? Because sometimes I don't have D for a few days in a row.

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Hiya Crabby

yeah I agree, you'd have a reaction every time, not just some of the time?
Also there's a huge difference between intolerance and allergy. If it's an allergy, you'll never be able to wheat ever again, if it's intolerance, then you can re introduce it back slowly.
good luck with the scopes!


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Crabby- how much b12 are you taking and how are you taking them? When I researched b12 for the wiki, I found something that said even 'normal' tablets can be dissolved under the tongue and some will be absorbed there. They also did studies with patients with no ileum and found that if you take at least 2000mg in one go, some will be absorbed elsewhere.
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