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my mother is on Pentasa, 250mg, 4 tabs, 4 times a day. She cannot take the 500 mg tabs as she has allergy to the casing.
Her insurance company is refusing to pay anything towards this medication now and is suggesting another med be used.
Letters from her doctors donít matter to them.
I have taken her to her GI doctor and because of the type of Crohns she has, this is the only medication that can treat her and keep her symptoms from occurring and putting her into the hospital. She is 84 years old and has over $ 30,000 in pentasa debt for this medication just to live.
Now it is time to either pay my mortgage or pay for this med to keep my mother alive. It is $ 1600 a month just for this one medication.
I just don't know what to do.
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I am so sorry. From what I have read, Pentasa is supposed to be more effective against Ulcerative Colitis than Crohns Disease. Can you sit down with the doctor and explain to him the situation and ask about alternatives? Please keep us updated.
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There are multiple medicines for Crohns
Pentasa is the mildest drug and typically is not recommended for Crohn's disease as a monotherapy according to Cochran review
Pentasa only treats the top layer of the intestine
And Crohns affects the full thickness of the intestine

So please try to get a second opinion on meds

There are higher tiers of drugs for Crohns
Immunosuppressants are next up on the list
6-mp/ methotrexate/imuran
After that biologics (remicade and humira )

There is also patients assurance programs typically through the drug manufacturers
Good luck
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