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Abdominal Excersies with severe tummy pain?

I am undiagnosed, but pretty sure I have Crohn's. I have been having an active flare for at least six weeks. My tummy is very bloated & tender to the touch. If I stand or walk for extended periods of time, it hurts so bad I almost vomit. I also think I have a hiatal hernia right now, for the 4th or 5th time, & I found some exercises that could help keep it from recurring. What I am wondering is if I should be doing abdominal exercises right now with my tummy hurting so bad. Is that going to be more helpful or harmful? Thanks!
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The silly old adage if it hurts don't do it. If it is Crohn's there could be strictures or fistulas and that could hurt you even more. I believe our bodies really do warn us when something is wrong. Please get to a doctor and get some tests to make sure.
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I agree.
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If it hurts don't do it. If it feels good then do it often.

I agree with all of the above members. See a doctor.

Hoping you do well,

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Hi Leigha, welcome to the forum. I agree with the others above me. Also, I don't think it's possible to heal a hiatal hernia with exercises. I've had a hiatal hernia for years and it's not the type of thing that goes away, is my understanding. And because I also have severe GERD, abdominal exercises tend to make my symptoms worse - the hiatal hernia allows more stomach contents/acid to come up my throat, and using my abdominal muscles seems to make anything and everything in my stomach come up. I've found that, at least symptom-wise, it's best for me to avoid abdominal exercises altogether. On a good day I can still exercise, but I have to avoid things like planks, crunches, etc. And on a bad day I cannot exercise at all. It sounds like in your case, it's also probably best to avoid working your abdominal muscles and take it easy on the exercise in general until you get out of this flare.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Abdominal Excersies with severe tummy pain?
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