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Hi all! I'm new to this thread. I had a synphcterotmy 8 weeks ago and I'm running a half in 2 months, I have been running here and there but not training yet. What's everyone's experience with running after surgerys?
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Hello, training is my life.

I first started in the gym at secondary school with the other fat kid instead of standing at the side in PE and I even loved it then. I lost the weight and became quite fit. Had to leave uni due to really bad food poisoning, so I got qualified in Gym Instructing, Personal Training and Exercise Referral. The latter is what I want to do with my life.

Haven't been physically capable for ages now but hopefully if I can get some help we can come back stronger than ever.

I was wondering, if I may, if colostomy bags etc. have any impact on cycling and resistance training?

All my love
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Hello Joey, I haven't got a stoma so I can't comment from personal experience, but there's a bloke in my cycling club who has one so I know it's possible! And check out this woman who has an ileostomy and is competing for GB as age group triathlete! http://www.sfh-tr.nhs.uk/index.php/c...anging-surgery

I've definitely seen stories about people achieving great things in weight training world who have a stoma as well.

My main issue has been perianal disease, which has been challenging at times to cycle, but in general I still manage to. I'm not doing so much at the moment due to another health problem, but I do what I can (Pilates and gentle cycling) and hope I will get back to training properly soon
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Wow what a great read!
It's so reassuring because I'd worried that somewhat bouncing movements may have added too much pressure to support the bag.
For weightlifting the only potential problem I could see would be an work - I always have to go to the toilet halfway through my session and make sure to perform my ab work very shortly after so I don't accidentally wet myself (sorry if that's TMI) and also hardcore powerlifting like when people develop hernias. If that'd be a concern maybe use a belt for reassurance.

I'm glad to see your eagerness to return; we all have periods for whatever reason out of our control we're unable to train, but I strongly believe that having the right mindset is your greatest asset.

I remember after I sprained my ankle people were giving me dodgy looks. Like, even more than usual. Walking after breakfast and lunch, and training are part of my routine. The crutches were just annoying because stairs took twice as long to climb. Also shopping was a nightmare. On the plus side catapulting your bodyweight every time you take a step does wonders for the lat's.

Best of luck with your recovery, I'm sure you'll come back blazing
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Inspired by all of you. I just got back from my first barre class after taking a break for a few weeks due to a flare.
Over the past couple months I had gotten into a pretty good routine of barre classes, stationary cycling at the gym, and some lifting. I was feeling really good...Like I was finally getting back into my body after years of feeling alienated from it because of this illness that made it feel like my body was my enemy, separate from myself. With this workout routine I was feeling more confident, strong, and grounded.
Then a few weeks ago my symptoms flared back up, and I didn't feel up for exercising..or doing much of anything. After a week or so of resting, I started going to restorative yoga classes...And today I went back to barre! I was a little nervous to go back after feeling so weak, and there were moments in class where I was frustrated that I did not feel as strong and capable as I did before the flare...But for the most part, I was surprised and happy about how strong I DID feel.
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Can't wait to get out of this relapse and back to bicycling. I planned on riding Trail Ridge, 11,500 ft above seal level. There is a parallel fire road perfect for bicycles. From Estes Park to Grand Lake. A few days in Grand Lake playing and then back over the pass. I still want to do this in the late summer or fall. A long ways to go, either this summer or next, I have to keep this goal, I have to keep my sight on the future and not just on what I can't do now but what I will accomplish, without excuses.
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That sounds like a heck of a fun trip. You have lots of fun to look forward to on that ride. Don't worry, you will ride that trail. I can already tell you will, just by your determination. I like your style.

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