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Methotexate/6-MP and Liver Disease?

Hey all.....

I've been having a really tough time the last week or so, and my labwork confirmed it. As my GI said on Friday, "Yup, you've got enough activity going on I'm suprised you made it to my office". haha.

We are changing up my treatment, since nothing is currently working. As of Monday, I will be on Humira. In addition, she wants me on a low-dosage of 6-MP, (25mg per day), as well as a low dose of Methotrexate IM shots, (5mg weekly). This is in addition to going on a "max-med" cocktail to kick me back in remission. Basiclaly, I'll be taking everything plus the kitchen sink for the next few weeks and keeping my fingers crossed.

I will be going back to bi-weekly labs, since I have Grade-2 Stage 3 liver disease. In the past, imuran/aza and pred were effective, but they all messed up my liver even more than it was initially.

Has anyone with a poor, broke down, run over liver been able to succesfully take MTX injections and/or 6-MP for any significant length of time?
Small Bowel Crohn's & Liver Disease
Current Treatment Plan-
Humira ; 6-MP 25mg, daily ; Entocort 6mg, daily ; Dicyclomine 10mg, every 6 hours
'Max Meds' Flare Treatment Plan -
Same as the above, but add in... Xifaxan 550mg, 2 times/day ; Flagyl 250mg, 3 times/day ; Entocort EC 9mg, daily
Previous Meds
Cimzia - Ineffective ; Remicade - Severe allergic reactions after 9 months ; Imuran/Aza - Liver damaged ; Prednisone - finally removed after 18months & 50 added lbs ; ASAs - Ineffective

Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Methotexate/6-MP and Liver Disease?
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