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Timing of blood work with Remicade

I was wondering about the timing of blood work with Remicade infusions. My son is very needle averse so I wanted to know if labs were done at the time of infusion and whether they could use one stick for both the labs and infusions.

I have a feeling they are on opposite tracks, though. If so, how have you all been handling this difficulty with your young children?

Thanks as always,
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My son always had his blood work done at the infusions and it was just one stick for infusion and blood draw.

With the loading doses being at 2, 4 and 6 weeks we did the blood work then and then at each 8 week infusion. We then dropped the schedule to every six weeks and I think blood work was done at every other infusion.

I would talk with the GI and tell him you want to make sure the schedule coincides so that your son is getting a stick only with infusions.

Good luck
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We did bloodwork every infusion when we were going every six weeks. However, that didn't last long and now we're going every four weeks so we usually do it every other infusion unless something comes up.

We've found that children's hospitals tend to be much more sympathetic about poking kids fewer times, so it's best to have infusions there (we went to the local hospital once -- never again!).

I think some members on this forum have used things like numbing creams to help their kids deal with needles.
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We do blood work at every infusion (8 weeks). DS either uses Emla numbing creme or a j-tip for the needle poke. Once the IV is in, they do labs and then start his infusion.
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Double up here as well, insert the IV pull labs from that (we only do them every other one because his labs always present as normal regardless of disease activity) and start the infusion. They put a warming pack on his arm first to plump up the veins.

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DS also had blood draw when they put in the iv for the infusion .
No need for extra sticks
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Bloods drawn from infusion IV every time.

You can also try Buzzy Bee. MLP introduced us to it. My daughter doesn't have a problem with the pokes but I mentioned it to the infusion nurses. THey got one and let O try it and she was amazed at how much easier it is. The nurses also said it has been very helpful.
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My son's blood work is also done with the same needle as his infusions. The same IV can be used for multiple purposes. When he needed MREs we did it on the same day as the infusion because it meant only one needle poke. It made for a very long day but it was worth it to him. He also was very needle averse, extremely, it once took several people to hold him down and a lot of effort just to get a blood test. When we switched to our current GI doctor he prescribed a medication for my son to take shortly before the IV was inserted to help with the anxiety and fear. We only used it a few times but it seemed to be a bridge to where we are now. Now my son just asks the person inserting the IV to count down from 3 for him while he takes and releases a deep breath while squeezing my hand. He always asks them to use the numbing spray and cream also. He says that over the counter anti-itch cream works as well or better than EMLA cream.
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We have only had 3 infusions thus far with blood work each time, taking blood from the IV site. They have perscribed a numbing cream for future visits to put on our son.
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DS used buzzy
But he aslo has numbing spray and cream if needed
Spray works fast but burns
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I can't recommend the Emla cream enough! It completely changed our experience for the better. My 7 year old went from screaming, kicking and completely losing his mind to calmly asking if the needle was inserted yet. Just be sure to dab it on about an hour in advance (don't rub it in) and cover it with press n seal. All of his routine blood draws are from a single stick at the time of his remicade infusions. Good luck!
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My son also loves the Emla cream. We make sure it's on at least 45 mins before. Good luck

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