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Remicade infusions- where?

Where does your child receive Remicade infusions? A hospital? Outpatient center/office? Is is dedicated to treating kids?
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My son receives his in his GI's office. Although they are building a new Children's center that will have an infusion center and house all the pediatric specialties under one building at that point they will move infusions there but it is not supposed to be done for 3-4 years and Jack will be 18 then.
They may have to do something before then though as last time we were there they said they now have 30 kids on remicade so it is getting difficult to get them scheduled especially if you have an emergency and need to get in earlier. The one really nice thing is we get a face to face check in with the GI while we are there and most of the time we even get lab results back before we leave.

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My son goes to the children's hospital. Well, technically, it's the building next door, but it is an entire floor dedicated to pediatric infusions.

We did go to another clinic once out of convenience. It was an adult infusion center, but it was just too... sad. They also weren't very well versed in Remicade. My son was given extra special treatment because they don't get many kids there, but it wasnr enough to keep going back for. We like the pediatric clinic much better.

I have heard of some people getting their infusions at home with a home health nurse.
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My son"s GI group has an IV lab in their office. It was all IBD kids which was great because they would inevitably discuss CD issues so it was sort of an outlet for him. It was kid friendly too, with DVD, Wii, Xbox, snacks and what not. Every other infusion we would also see the GI and if the remi nurse felt something needed to be seen about at the in between infusion she would make it happen while C was being infused.
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DS got his at a pediatric infusion center located within the children's hospital where his GI is.
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At the Children's Hospital where her GI is! M honestly enjoys her infusions - it's a good chance for her to take a nap, catch on on homework or watch TV.

We've also been to local hospital (which mostly caters to adults) but their infusion center was mostly a cancer center. Like Mehita said, kind of depressing.
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Pediatric oncology center. Very nice place, kind nurses, but you see a lot of sick kids.
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We have infusion centres with nurses and doctor(s) attending. Centres are used for both children and adults - S, 19, and my friend's daughter, 12, go to the same centre. My son also finds the centre relaxing - reclining chairs, movies, etc. He usually takes his laptop or just sleeps while there.
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Our son's Remicade infusion is done at a Children's hospital, unfortunately, he has to be admitted to the peds floor, but he gets all the amenities, xbox, TV, food and last time a visit from the Chicago Bear's mascot , coach and owner! Nice surprise provided by the hospital!
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