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Matty G
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I think my 2 year old may have Crohn's

Ok so my son is 2 almost three and I think he may have Crohn's. He has a lot if the symptoms and Crohn's also runs in my family both my brother and sister have it. My sons doctors have said they don't think it's Crohn's and are very hesitant beacuse he is so young. We have tried no dairy which didn't help we have tried cutting out a lot of diffrent things from his diet but it does not seem to help.
Symptoms :
- stomach aches almost daily
- diarrhea the usually last about week but sometimes longer
- vomiting
- low grade fevers

I just feel so bad for him it's seems like he is always sick. I need some opinions on if it could possible be Crohn's ?? Also any other parents of small kids with Crohn's any suggestions about anything we could try and help him till we can find a doctor. Also any other just general information about Crohn's would be helpful ( I don't know a whole lot about it )

Thank youn ( in advance )
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Has he been tested for Celiac?
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Sorry to hear your little one is suffering. Has he had a faecal calprotectin done? If not it would be a good start to see if it might be Crohns. At least it is also a painless test, just a bit yucky collecting the poop. It measures the inflammation levels and our GI uses it as a guide to whether a child may need a colonoscopy and was the only test that ever showed anything for my son prior to diagnosis. Good luck finding an answer
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Matty G
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yes they tested him for that ( I pretty sure it was that ) I believe it was negative

Thank you
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Matty G
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No he has not had that done I will ask his doctor about it next time we go.

Thank you
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Fecal cal is a great idea to see if there is any bowel inflammation. Plus it's just a stool sample so that's easy!

That's the crohn's and colitis foundation webpage. Might help you as you are researching.



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Welcome to the forum, but so sorry to hear about your little guy. Your son's symptoms could be from many differnt things, but they can definitely be Crohn's symptoms too. I think testing should be done if this has been an ongoing issue. Like the others have said, the fecal cal is a good starting point, as it's nonevasive. Yucky though. My son had some relief from a low residue diet, meaning low fiber, soft cooked veggies, fruits with no seeds, etc. Hope you get the medical help you need and your little guy starts feeling better soon.
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There is a condition called non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Until you get answers from the docs, I would try eliminating all dairy and grains, feeding your little guy soft, low residue foods (meats and veggies), Pediasure supplement to keep his nutrients and calories up. (even though Pediasure has dairy, I think it is more easily digestible by the inflamed gut.) Dairy and grains are the most common culprits in gut sensitivities.
Has he taken antibiotics? Sometimes it is as simple as the antibiotics killing off good gut bacteria. 'Biogaia' is a probiotic adminstered by drops to promote good gut flora in babies and kids. Available at pharmacies.
Good luck and keep us posted.
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my little penguin
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Please don't eliminate foods without talking to a GI.
Send the records to one of the big three pediatric hospital
Children's of philidelphia
Boston childens
Cincinnati children's hospital

If you eliminate a food or give all formula ( aka pediasure)
It can mask the problem making it harder to get a dx .
The gold std for celiac is a biopsiesas is for crohn's.

The blood test can be helpful but can not rule out celiac.

You can have many things that fit well on paper in GI land since a lot over laps.
That is why you need a good GI who will work with you and test if needed .
In the end most Gi disorders just take a while to confirm what is going on.
DS had symptoms of something going on since birth .
He was dx at age 7.

Good luck
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Hi and welcome.
I'm a mom to another young one.
My Grace is five but was dx at three but has had issues all hee life.
Unfortunately it can take awhile for this disease along with others to manifest itself to get a clear dx.

It's important to have a GI that wants answers and will help until you get them.
If you find that's not the case it's time to move to another GI.

I also agree, cut nothing out until the GI says it's ok. You don't want a set back.

Please ask as many questions as to like.

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I agree with MLP. If your son hasn't been evaluated by a pediatric gastroenterologist, especially considering the fact that Crohn's disease runs in your family, then DEMAND a referral.

I wish you and your family all the best. I can't imagine how hard this must be on you

It's good to be back

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