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Biscuit or Cake?

So, you have some precious 'me' time. You make yourself a hot drink, but now is decision time.

Biscuit or Cake?
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ha ha ha Biscuit no contest!
especially HobNobs!

here's a useless piece of info for ya!
biscuits go soft when stale
cakes go hard when stale

told ya it was useless info, lol


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A nice cup of stong tea and a piece of carrot cake yummy!
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What exactly do you mean by biscuit - is that a cookie? I know there's different names for stuff in the UK vs the US and sometimes I get confused!

If it's cookie vs cake, I'd take the cake. Especially if it was chocolate.
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If said cake is german chocolate with maximum fluffiness and biscuit is a cookie, it depends. If the cookie is a cookie monster cookie, I'd choose the cookie. If its anything else, the german chocolate cake. :9
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What exactly do you mean by biscuit - is that a cookie?
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I could go a big slab of chocolate mudcake right now!
~ Nicci

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Astra- did you know that Jaffa cakes used that fact to argue that Jaffa cakes are indeed cakes not biscuits, because different VAT rules apply?

Now for the question in hand, if I have a cup of coffee it has to be a biscuit cos I like to dip. Also I'm a bit scared of cakes at the moment cos there was some yummy fudgey gooey chocolatey ones in the staff room 2 days ago, and my BMs are only just getting back to normal....
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