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Symptom Friendly Foods

Lately I have developed a new symptom.... which is mainly hitting an 8/10 on the pain scale right before I have to go... It's weird because the pain feels like it's in my stomach, but it's definitely when I have to have BM.

I am thinking of cutting my diet down to just Ensure and applesauce for a week to see if that helps relieve my pain/give my bowels a rest. Are there any other similar type "foods" that I can give myself some variation with while still giving my guts a break?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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Smoothies maybe? You could make it with milk (soy milk or some other alternative if you're lactose intolerant) and a banana and some ice. I'm not very creative with smoothies but I'm sure there's other stuff you could add in there too. I haven't done a liquid diet yet myself (except during prep, but that wasn't long term obviously) so I can't think of much else. Hopefully someone else will come by and have other ideas.
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The low residue diet always works for me, without fail.
I don't eat anything coloured, just white foods, and my belly aches go!
It's bland and boring, but good job I love chicken and rice! I eat salmon too even tho it's pink!
check the LRD out in the Wiki
feel better soon


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Thanks guys. Smoothies are a good idea... I am hoping to get a blender sometime soon.

I have basically been running on a low residue diet since I was diagnosed, only eating fibrous or colorful things when I'm feeling dangerous.
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Very well blended fruit and vegetable smoothies. You can make them with dairy milk, rice milk, soy milk, nut milk, hemp milk, coconut water or water.

I use homemade vegetable juices if I need to relieve pain and give my bowels a rest.

Fasting for a few days always helps, and at least with the juice you get the nutrients you need. Unlike water fasting which is almost starvation mode.

Juices like celery, cucumber, spinach, wheatgrass, carrot, cabbage, papaya, watermelon.

I got many of my ideas from here and have been religious following them for years:


It is not a cure, it is a coping tool.

I have basically spent the past two weeks virtually living on blended ripe bananas and vegetable juices. Late last month I had a terrible flare with intense pain and could not eat much. The vegetable juices have settled things down and has made me feel better.

This week I am just starting back on soups, broths, steamed veggies and more solid food. Taking it slowly though. I tried to go back last week but it was too soon.
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I had been having terrible gas pains possibly also applying pressure to inflamed areas lately.

Basically I've cut out vegetables, fruits, and dairy.

Can't do smoothies right now, but cooking up a plate of bacon and sunny side eggs after a workout hasn't hurt me a bit. Also have been fine eating donuts cookies hummus pita bread pepperoni slices... my diets pretty wierd right now I guess. I'm always fighting to bulk up so I really miss smoothies...

And yeah, if all else fails, chicken and rice are the most digestable foods.. it's a shame we grow so much corn in this country instead of rice.
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