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Very interesting Youtube Channel. Worth spending some time on.

An adherence to a simple lifestyle I wouldn't subject myself to - at this point in my life. I think he's a little extreme and I will trade the reduced lifetime he claims we would gain from not cutting up our food, for the joy of it...but I think such is his character and what lead him down that path to prove his point about getting back to nature, so I won't call him a quack and discard his proof and sound reasoning because of it.

But I guess that's the ultimate issue at the heart of why many people won't go raw food vegan (myself included). It's a matter of what we believe is more important to us, ultimately. Convenience or health. It's not convenient to go the extreme he did, to say the least. And every step towards is an inconvenience, compared to his real target, convenience food - every step of processing removing some of the natural health and value to our bodies, of that food.


I believe if you follow that guy around for a year and do what he does you would likely be off your meds looking at being close to cured if not totally cured. If I couldn't bring myself to go totally raw and was in health that bordered on requiring surgery, I think I would take off for somewhere it's warm all year round and live off local and wild like this guy. There are tons of videos of people who have escaped one health condition or another out there, kind of video diaries.

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