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Yummy Frosting!

Okay, so I was in the mood for something sweet. So I made the peanut Butter Brownies from the Breaking the Vicious Cycle book, and then I made the honey icing! It's very marshmallow like cold, but liquidy when warm or first cooked. It's so yummy! Here's how you make it:

Honey Frosting:

1 cup of Honey
1 beaten egg white
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Boil the Honey until a drop forms a firm ball in cold water. Add gradually to beaten egg white. Whip until stiff and add Vanilla. This frosting os marshmallow like and remains spreadable for hours. Use as a frosting for cakes or brownies!
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I made this last night, and it was awesome. Thanks! I get to have sweets again!
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Thanks for the tip. Ive been meaning to get around to making a frosting.
I've been living off the cinnamon cookies with raisins. I also love the cheddar and herb crackers, but i keep eating them way too quickly.
Finely chopped garlic and extra herbs on top of the crackers before baking makes them awesome.

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