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Does anyone eat lettuce?

I have a question. Does anyone here eat lettuce?

I have not eaten lettuce in over a year. I was craving a taco salad, so I decided to make a very little one, and give it a try. I was just wondering, if anyone can tolerate lettuce. I read so many posts with people saying that they can not eat lettuce.

I will let you know how it goes for me. I had to try it.
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I can if I'm not flaring too bad. When I'm flaring I don't tolerate much of anything.
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I'm on a low fibre diet, so I will eat it but in small amounts. Sometimes I'm naughty and have a little bit more if I'm feeling well. Sometimes I get away with it, sometimes not. Let's just say I won't be turning into a rabbit any time soon!

I don't think there's any harm in trying, especially if you are generally feeling ok.
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I love salads, and after reading about some people not tolerating it, I stopped eating lettuce.
Anyway yesterday I had a cheese, lettuce and cucumber butty, it was gorgeous!
And nothing, no D or C, might be different tho, if I was flaring!


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D Bergy
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I can eat it now, but I could not digest it well when I was flared up.

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I can eat it without any real pain, but I don't digest it very well.
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Nancy Lee
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Oh I wish I could eat it!! I haven't had a real salad in 13 years!!
What I do is to skin a tomato, take the seeds out and chop it up
with some chopped cucumber...and pour a little Italian dressing over it..'s fun to pretend and I don't feel so left out.
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I seem to be alright eating lettuce. Of course that could change, but for now it's fine
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i'm absolutely fine with the kind of lettuce that is crunchy, like iceberg (think it's probably because they're mostly water content), but the more leafy floppy ones don't digest well, so i avoid those.
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I haven't really been able to eat much of anything lately (actually at the hospital last night with the worst pain of my life; they didn't hesitate to quickly inject me with Dilauded when they saw my eyes watering and jaw spasms to the point I couldn't talk) but when I'm not flaring I can tolerate most lettuces okay. Even spinach.

I miss food.

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I can tolerate it sometimes If I only eat a little bit. Couple small pieces the size of a deck of cards total. If your not flaring give it a try. If your flaring stay away.
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David in Seattle
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I've recently been making soup starting with TJ's vegetable stock, then adding strips of romaine, plus chicken, rice, carrot, fish, shrimp & calimari & a bit of soy sauce (gluten free, in my case, since I'm also pursuing that avenue) with the vegs suitably softened. Definitely not a "cold crunchy/crisp, oily/vinegary salad experience, but I figure at least I'm getting the nutrients.
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I've eaten it okay at times, and not okay at times, and it's like Dingbat said, it depends on the variety. For me it also depends on what I eat with it, like if it's with bread and meat products, or if it's alone.

But, if you feel like you can't eat it, or you don't want to risk it, just pretend you just did. Put a handful in the toilet, look down at it, and make believe.

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I can't eat lettuce, makes my tummy very rumbly and sure enough, it does come out looking just like it went in...

(ok, not "just" like it went in... but you can definitely tell what I ate!)
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I eat lettuce all the time! I tolerate that better then tomatoes. I find tomatoes have quite a lot of acid and don't help the situation. They do say during a flare up to avoid any raw vegies. They should be steamed or boiled.
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Nope, if I want pain, gas and bloat a salad, just havent gotten my flares under control enough. Head lettuce doesnt have that much of a nutritional value so why eat it and be in agony.
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David in Seattle
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Jettalady said:
Head lettuce doesnt have that much of a nutritional value so why eat it and be in agony.
If you're talking iceberg, that's certainly true. Crunchy I guess, but nothing else, except cheap. Never really much cared for it. Fresh, DARK greens like endive, romaine, kale, watercress, arugula, spinach, etc are quite good sources of vitamins A, C, and K, folate, iron and calcium. Throw in some carrots, onions, maybe some candied/toasted pecans you just pulled out of the oven, bit of radicchio for nice red color, then top it off with a lovely homemade olive oil/balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard dressing.

God I miss my old life!
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No good with Iceberg. I'll blow up like a hot air balloon.

I'm fine with romaine, arugala, radichio, endive and problem.
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Hi Jenny,

My name is Lynne and also a fellow Crohn's sufferer. I was diagnosed in 1988 when i was 19 (now 43) so had it for most of my life.

I eat lettuce, but with havin a illeostomy bag i find it goes right through me but does not cause me any discomfort or pain. So try eating lettuce and see how you get on and let me know.

All the best
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This thread really shows how different this diseasse is for all of us!

I feel lucky that I can eat just about all greens except raw spinach - it just makes me gassy.

We got tons of dark leafy greens in our crop share this winter and I am really glad I got to enjoy them!

- Amy
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I can eat lettuce only when not flaring. Even then it is a toss up as to whether or not it will be nice to me. Most of the time it comes right back out the back door! Doesn't usually cause pain unless I eat a really large salad.
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I've had a tiny bit on tacos a few times but I'd be way too nervous to eat a whole salad. Which is a shame, I love salad.

Sometimes I miss foods I can't have anymore, but then I think about how I'd spend the next couple of days on the throne if I ate it and it's not so appetizing anymore.
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I miss a nice big Greek Salad. I also liked Wilted Spinach salad. But since I originally got sick I have only tried it once. It was on a cold cut combo sub from subway about two months after my resection and I barely made the 1/2 hour drive home from the mall in time for it to find its way out. I never knew if it was the cold cuts or lettuce but I have not been anxious enough to let it try for a repeat performance yet.
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i eat lettuce but never diegest it. it comes out in the same state it goes in!! recycling anyone?
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I miss salads so much. Romaine lettuce is especially bad.
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No way, lettuce is evil. I used to eat huge salads before all of this started.
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oooooooohhhh no , but i wish i could mmmmmmmmm

fresh crisp and shredded with a little mayo and grated cheese !!!!

Ah well in the next life maybe !!
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LOl, or if a flight to 'dignitas' is looking too expensive.
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I'm not sure

I havnt eaten lettuce since this flare started about 7 months ago
havnt been game too try
but damn I miss it and tomatoes and onions, havnt eaten them either as i was told they are bad for crohnies

so would love a burger or yiros
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I had a cobb salad yesterday for lunch. It has romaine, arugala, radicchio, watercress and a little iceberg lettuce, as well as avacado, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

No problems to report.

I'm trying to lose weight and salad lunches are a way for me to control my weight but I have not been able to eat salad of any kind until now.

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