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Do I have to be weighed at my gastroenterology appointment? (UK)

Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong place, I'm new.

I was just wondering if I can refuse to be weighed at my next appointment with my gastroenterologist, or if it's mandatory? I have issues with my weight, and really cannot face the idea of them weighing me.

It's not my first appointment with them (I've had many), and I live in England if that helps.

Thanks for reading!
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I don't know but perhaps you could not look and ask them not to tell you your weight.
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I don't know about the UK, but in the US it is routine for weight, blood pressure, and pulse rate to be measured at the beginning of every doctor's office visit.
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You can ask to step backwards on the scale so you don’t see it
And make sure they know not to tell you
They monitor weight in Crohns as part of evaluation of your disease as well as medicine dosing
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Weight can be a good indicator of illness progression among other considerations.
People can be concerned about weight loss and weight gain...but this can be dealt with by a GI....they are used to it.
Talk to the doctor and express your weight concerns and maybe you can receive help.
Feel better soon
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I'm weighed at every single appointment.

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As medical patients we have rights and its possible to refuse any kind of evaluation or treatment. No one can force you into any evaluation or treatment unless your life is severly in danger, as if you would seriously threaten to suicide or kill someone due to mental illness. Hopefully you have a sensitive GI team. I understand you, but that being said, of course its important to know your weight as a IBD patient. I think people have given you good choices on how to try to manage your way if you can try. It is usually the nurse who take this measurement. Have a talk with the professional who takes your measurements, maybe that can help. Wishing you well
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I am in the UK and I always get weighed before an appointment or an infusion.

I tdepends on what its for. If its for medication, for example before an infusion, then you will need to get weighed as that is how they work out your dose. If its just an appointment with the GI then it obviously up to you.

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