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Fresh Blood

hi all

Sorry to be so direct but need some advice.
Currently on Humira which is working well keeping my Crohns incheck.

However recently I have been noticing a very small amount of fresh blood on the loo paper after going.

I sometime has a very itching anus as well

This has been on and off for quite sometime now and always seems to clear it self up.
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Sounds like it could be heamoroids (sp?) It's common for us with bowels problems.If it's just showing up on the tissue and clearing on it's own,that's probably what it is.If you start to lose more blood than you'd like to it would be a good idea to get checked out.
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I agree, you should certainly mention this to the doctor and be examined. My first IBD flare started in a similar way... be very careful. Sitz baths may ease the discomfort and help to heal the affected area in the meantime. Best wishes.
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It could be proctitis. I'd call the doctor and let him/her know. There's medication that can help calm it down if that's what it is.
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Keep an eye on it and have it checked out. My Crohn's started with just a bit of blood after going when I was in my 20's, before progressing to become the scourge that burdened my life. Later to lead to serious surgeries and complications.

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