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Double Balloon Enteroscopy Result


Last year I posted this and received really good answers.

I recently had my DBE, it was through my colon and showed nothing.

But my small bowel is very looped and the surgeon could only get about 170cm into my small intestine. The surgeon suggested repeating this from my mouth down.

I had this procedure last week and following it, he reported that I had an awkward bowel which looked fairly normal but suggested a repeat capsule endoscopy.

In his Gastroscopy report he noted that I had 3 or 4 apthous ulcers in my jejunum and visible lymphangastecia. His final insertion was 170cm.

He took 12 biopsies for lymphangastecia and 1 from the small ulcer.

The pathology report was negative for lymphangastecia and showed neutrophil polymorphs within the surface epithelium consistent with mild active Jejunitis.

I have seen the pictures and visually the surgeon seems spot on with the lymphangastecia, is it common for biopsy to be incorrect in terms of this?

I don't really know where to go next, my gastro has previously been reluctant to give me a Crohns diagnosis. I have a consultation with him on Tuesday and would really like some kind of clarity.

Does anyone know anything about Jejunitis and whether that has been enough for a Crohns diagnosis for them?

Thank you for reading this and for any advice given.
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I think you need to discuss the situation further with your specialist
He has mentioned a capsule endoscopy so he is not satisfied yet about the investigations.
Crohn’s could be a possible diagnosis but he obviously wants further investigation into
your condition.
It is not long before you will be able to ask your questions directly ..your specialist is best equipped to answer your questions but as previously said he obviously is not yet satisfied
Without a capsule endoscopy which does give greater detail.

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