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Humira & Cannabis - working unbelievably fast?

Hi all, new to this forum (21M, dx'd in June around my birthday) because I am having a weird experience on Humira! I have Crohns disease (and maybe c diff..?) and have been declining for 2 months up until Monday when I hit 100lbs (I'm 5'7).

I started Humira on Tuesday, but Monday I was so ill I almost went to the hospital. This would've meant Remicade, not humira which I wanted since of convenience. So I had to survive until my injections the next morning.

I had been taking 20mg of CBD daily (via oil) because I had heard CBD was working for some people with crohns. It's insanely hard to find any dosage or treatment plan info due to the stigma people have been taught to have. So I reached out to a dozen or so people who had made various posts claiming to be using CBD to treat themselves. That night, I got 2 replies both saying 60mg was what both individuals found worked. This was 3x the dosage I was taking so I felt like I'd been wasting my time the 2 months I'd been taking 20mg and immediately tripled my dosage.

This is when things get confusing.
That night I had night sweats so bad that I had to switch sheets. The next day (Humira day) I got my first 4 injections. But this day I only had 3 bowel movements, compared to 10 every day previously. Still liquid. The next day, 3 BMs except solid. Each day more and more solid, with less urgency.

Fast forward nearly a week later, I just slept through an entire night with no BM in the middle and no night sweats. Would humira seriously start to work so potently the same day I took it? Did tripling my CBD dosage do the trick? I've also been weening off of prednisone but I have seen no improvements due to it.

  • 35mg Prednisone Daily (ween 5mg every 2 weeks)
  • 60mg CBD Oil (23.7mg/ml therefore 0.75ml morning, 0.75ml lunch, 0.5ml dinner)
  • 125mg Vancomycin 2x daily (to keep c difficile dead..been on this for 1+ month)
  • THC inhaled Cannabis for pain & diarhhea relief (which I've been using less & less now that I barely have any pain or diarhhea!!)

So tl;dr, I have no idea why I'm recovering and I almost wish I could've started humira a bit later to see if the CBD dosing is what did the trick! I was seriously a day away from hospital and then something did the trick. Humira? Prednisone? CBD? divine intervention?? I wish I knew so I could stop the other meds! For now I guess I just wait and see how things go from here.

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Welcome. I don't know what did the trick but I am glad you are better.

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