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Got some biopsy results back.

So I went to the GP's this morning to get some anti sickness tablets. While I was there I asked if my biopsy results were back as it has almost been 6 weeks since my colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. My upper endoscopy results had not yet come back. In my colonscopy they found what looked like a normal colon and mild granulation of the terminal ileum. The biopsy revealed that my TI was normal and that I had patchy inflammation of the right colon. So things have kinda flipped in my head. Before the scopes I really did think from my research that I had colonic disease, but I then thought if my colon looked fine that I didn't. So I now think I might be told that I have Crohn's colitis or microscopic colitis :/ I was told that a specialist pathologist will have to review the results and look at the rest. So has anyone else had similar results? If so what was the outcome in terms of diagnosis and treatment? Thank you.
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Colonoscopy results are usually reliable for diagnosing UC, but they can be hit or miss with Crohn's. Colonoscopies are only looking at the top layer of tissue inside the colon, though some of the biopsies go a little deeper. In my case, it's inside the walls of the small and large intestine and is not very apparent on the scope camera, though biopsies show inflammation in the interior. Think of a building that has a nicely painted interior, but the studs in the wall that you can't see are badly deteriorated.

The smoking gun for me was an MR Enterography, which looked at the externals of the intestines. I'd ask your doctor about having one done, as in my case it yielded much more information than a colonoscopy ever did.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Got some biopsy results back.
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