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After colonoscopy pain

Hello all
Yesterday i had a colonoscopy, while i do know the uncomfortable feeling in the past when i have had them. Last night was rough with the bloating and gas, today i am still uncomfortable pain in my side and bloating , he did find inflammation at my surgical sight , i had a obstruction last year and had surgery
Now while i have had numerous bowel movement today do you think its just trapped gas? I have been sitting with a heating pad all morning... my husband is telling me to call the gi but i dont want to feel like im over reacting, if it is just trapped gas.

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If it doesn't clear up in another day or two, and especially, if the pain gets worse, call the GI. It may just be gas, but you don't want to mess around too long with it in case it's a perforation or other damage to your gut from the procedure.
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It may be a good idea to let your GI know what is happening
If it is as bad as you describe it may be there is something the GI should investigate...
Especially since you have not had this with previous scopes.
Feel better soon
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I've had similar experience one time, but as others have said if it doesn't clear up in a couple days call your GI. Did they take biopses? In my case they did and had a bit of blood in my stool for the next day and pain last about 2 days and then it went away.

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