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Stoma guard's

Hey just wondered if anyone has used or uses stoma guards and which ones are best. I want to carry on as much as normal with my life after my ileostomy and don't want to worry about damaging my stoma or the bag getting ripped off. I am only 21 so I get up to all the usual stuff a young person does. I also am a keen skier so want to make sure if I take a hard fall everything is gonna be ok. I am also considering joining the police (if they let me) so wondered if they are sufficient for "confrontational" situations.
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Hi Tim. I got one from convatec years ago. I use it all the time and it's saved my stoma many times. I started just wearing it for hockey after taking a stick to the stoma. WOW that hurt. Like getting hit without a jock. Started wearing it in softball after playing 3rd base and taking line drive direct hit. Gotta pay attention Dave . That's why I wear it all the time.
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Hey thanks for they reply.. I had a look on there website but I can't see any guard products. But I would guess they are all relatively the same. I was looking at a company called ostomy armour.
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Are you looking to protect the stoma more or more for making sure the bag stays on? Stealth belt and nu-hope belts are good for keeping the bag in place but they make stoma guard and stoma shield I think but I never tried them. Also stoma stifler would protect.
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I want it to do both really. I was looking at these products the heavy duty ones. http://www.ostomyarmor.com/products/
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This is a copy and paste of a response I made on another thread several months ago:

I bought the Stomaplex guard and like it a lot, though haven't really used it much.


and here is the short video from JennaRae:


I bought the StomaStifler first http://www.stomastifler.com/order-stoma-products.php, which is lightweight and does what is says, but it doesn't allow the output to drop into the bottom of the bag without manually lifting the guard from time to time. I also don't like that you must tape one end of the gear to your skin to secure it, along with a thin elastic belt. The Stomaplex guard is held on by a wider, more comfortable belt and no extra tape to hold it secure.

There is also Ostomy Armor http://www.ostomyarmor.com, which I know nothing about other than I have this link.
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If you're still interested, I did a full review on a new guard that recently hit the market.

Here's a copy and paste (so I don't break any TOS with the forum). Unfortunately, the photos won't paste, so if you want to see those, you'll have to search for it as I dont' want to get in trouble posting a direct link:

Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard Ė REVIEW

Ostomy resolutions your stoma from impact is a real concern for any ostomate. Playing sports, doing office work, even interacting with the family dog can be risky business if we arenít careful, but being worried about it isnít something we should be doing 24 hours a day! Enter the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard by Sure Guard Inc.

From the moment I saw the video introduction of the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard on YouTube, I knew it would something special and I took immediate interest in the product.

Having used this guard for both strenuous yard work and indoor home renovations, I never felt that it was obtrusive or interfered with what I was doing . It also allowed me to carry things that Iíd normally avoid out of fear that theyíd smash into my stoma. Things like large boxes, laundry baskets, wood and tools were no match for the guardís hard surface (and I got dinged a few times!). Since Iíve started using a standing desk, it also means that my stoma (which is perfectly aligned to the table edge) is protected at all times. This assurance makes my day-to-day living far less stressful. When it comes to emptying my ostomy pouch, I leave the guard in place and it doesnít interfere; in fact, I find emptying my pouch easier when I have the guard on, likely because the output collects at the bottom of the pouch better. Sitting, bending and moving werenít a problem with the guard on. I should note that if you plan on wearing your guard to bed, do so only if your stoma tends to be less active at night. I found that if my pouch got too full or ballooned, the guard would start to lift. Of course, itís never advisable to allow your pouch to fill up that much during the day, but I thought Iíd mention it.

During with time with the guard, Iíve tried several different ostomy appliances, from the new Coloplast Sensura Mio to both filtered and filterless Coloplast Sensura Click pouches and also the Hollister New Image pouches. Thanks to the various adapters which come with the guard, I was able to easily find one that fit each of these pouching systems. I did find that the uniquely large filter on the Sensura Mio made things feel a bit tight, and that specific productís filter also seems to cause pancaking even without the guard, so if you use a Sensura Mio product, go for the filterless version. The locking mechanism on the Sensura Click wasnít a problem, and the Hollister New Image pouches, even with Hollisterís ďfloating-flangeĒ was easily accommodated. I was even able to wear the guard while I had the Osto Ez-Vent attached to my pouch, and it was unnoticeable. The instructions for the guard state that removing the belt tabs from your ostomy appliance will improve comfort, but Iíve worn the guard with and without those belt tabs and it feels comfortable either way. If you still want to use your accessory belt when you arenít wearing the guard, then leave those tabs on your pouch or flange.

Putting the guard on is easy. As you can see in the images below, you slide the adapter ring over your pouch, then slide the guard so that it snaps into the adapter then attach an accessory belt (or let a wrap/tight clothes keep it in place) and youíre done. I usually put the adapter and guard on at the same time to cut down on a step.

As a benefit to using the guard, Iíve been able to wear certain articles of clothing, especially shorts, in a way that I couldnít before. Because my stoma is close to my pantís belt line, I often keep my belt just below the wafer, which causes friction. Putting my pants above my wafer was troublesome as there was always a risk of the pants sliding down on top of my stoma. The guard allowed me to wear my pants higher without any of those risks or challenges. The Ostomy Resolutions website offers other suggestions on what to wear for both men and women.

One concern I brought up with Donna, the creator this stoma guard, was whether there might be any chance of developing pressure sores from using the guard for long periods of time. This is a concern that even ostomates who use convex appliances should be aware of, but to my relief, she explained that the design of the adapters prevent the pressure that would lead to skin problems; after wearing the guard for extended periods of time, I can agree that there is no real concern.

If I had to make one complaint, it would be that some people might find that the guard sticks out too much. I have a stoma that protrudes a bit, so the extra clearance (approx. 1-1/4″) is actually a good thing for me, but if you have a stoma that is flush with your skin, you might feel that there is too much clearance. From what I understand, there are plans to make a flatter version and possibly one designed for kids. As you can see in the photoís below, I donít think itís a big deal and the clothes you wear can make a world of difference.

At the time of this writing (June 2014), the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard can be purchased for US$64.99 through the Ostomy Resolutions website, and that includes three different adapters to fit your specific flange size. You can also purchase additional adapters for US$8.50. This product is available to international ostomates too! Unfortunately, I donít know of any insurance providers who cover stoma guards, so this will likely be an out-of-pocket expense. But even with that in mind, itís a heck of a lot more affordable than some other stoma guards selling for $200+. If you donít already have one, I recommend picking up an ostomy appliance belt (those 1″ wide belts you can find at your local ostomy supplies dealer) for greater security and additional wearing options. Ostomy belts are usually sold for under $20 and most insurance would cover them, just be sure that you get one that works with your specific appliance too.


I canít express how much I love this product. Itís given me a confidence that I didnít know was missing, and itís taken a burden off my mind from always feeling the need to protect my stoma. Regardless if you are at home, playing with the kids, doing sports or just want to go out with some assurance that your stoma is safe from impacts, the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard should be something to consider.

To find out more about the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard, please visit http://www.ostomyresolutions.com/
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my son uses a stoma guard from Stomaplex. He is very active and he loves it.
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I dont know any of the other brands will defo check them out but I recentlu aquired a comfizz hernia/stoma belt and also a stoma guard and holy hell they are aaaamazing. I never realised how often I Actually bump and hurt my stoma each day so when I put it on it just makes everything a lot less sore to be honest! You literally can bang it and it doesnt hurt it's wicked. Only problem is you cant muffle fart noises!!!!


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