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Flare up

So I've had my ileostomy about 7 months and its great.dr decided to wean me off methotrexate but after about 6 weeks I was starting to get tummy pain and feeling the need to go to loo so she started me back on it 3 weeks ago.this past weekend I've been feeling so much worse high fever abscesses cramps bloody mucus and generally exhausted SO the dr now wants to double my dose of methotrexate and put e back on steroids,maybe I was being optimistic but I thought I was done with all this after my surgery is this normal and will it keep happening?was just starting to get on with life aswell!
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An ileostomy unfortunately isn't a cure for crohns, unlike colitis. Maintenance meds are usually necessary. This might just be a blip, but I do understand how upsetting it is. I haven't got a stoma but my symptons came back after about a year on from my last resection and I was devastated. Hopefully the meds will kick in and you will feel much better soon.

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