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Anyone tried new Coloplast bags?

Hello lovelies!
I was just wondering if anyone has tried the new sensura mio bags from coloplast? Ive tried basicaly all the bags that are available here in nz and still havent found my perfect stoma bag soulmate lol. I am trying these new bags and am quite excited because they arent even out here yet and I am trialling them! I really like the design I reckon coloplast have the best openings to drain and the filter is good (not like the nasty stinky hollister one ergh). Also I like that they are race friendly (grey) basically so you cant see it if you wear white and NUDE isnt your skin colour. And the base seems really nice and alot more friendly for folds etc. Anyway I am just super hoping these bags are good cause lord knows I need some good news my stoma.

Anyway would love to hear from people who have tried them! Good or bad

Im just starting them now so i will probably know within a few days if they are a good match. So far no pancaking...



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I didn't try it but like the texture on the bag, it is prob more comfy.

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