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Common cold and Remicade

Do infusions typically get postponed if the person has a cold? Sore throat and sniffles, but not wiped out.

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Not for Grace. A fever over 100 is the only reason for us to cancel, per our rheumatologist advice.
Now there was a time where her cough was so deep but no fever that I decided to push it back a couple days. Paranoid it could go into pneumonia because of her asthma.
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We only hold for fever or bacterial infection (abx required)
All biologics are a go here
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Same and if on antibiotics only hold the first couple of days. They may ask you to wear a mask if it is a shared infusion area so as not to infect others.
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Nope, only if your child has a fever - above 100.4 F is considered a fever by most doctors.

For infections, if my daughter has been on abx for 48 hours, usually we do not have to wait on the infusion/injection (whatever she is on at the time).

Hope she feels better soon!
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I agree with all of the above!!!

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