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Remicade in China

I plan to move to Shanghai,China next year for one year, maybe more and I would like to know some recommendations to get a health insurance. As I read, in China health insurance do not cover Remicade. I would like to know how much insurances and Remicade costs there. I got some doctors and hospitals where I can get Remicade:
Dr. RAN Zhihua. Shanghai Renji Hospital
Dr. LIU Zhanju. Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital
Dr. ZHONG Jie. Shanghai RuiJin Hospital
However, I do not know which health insurances work with those doctors or/and hospitals and the way to contact to. Most of I found on the internet are on chinese and I do not speak chinese yet.
Thank you very much.
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Hi there. I can't give you the answer you are looking for. However I was a patient of Dr. Ran Zhihua in Shanghai. He is a very nice doctor I have ever seen in China. It roughly costs 60K-80K RMB (Chinese Currency) for one treatment - a few IVs in China.

BTW, there are lots of patients that each doctor needs to see every day.
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Thank you very much shenhua_1984
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I rememer reading on here that a man in China had to pay $3,000 a month or an infusion, I'm not sure.
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There is no way to cover Remicade by insurance in China. You almost have to pay remicade on your own in China. It is very expensive.
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