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Holistic Healing for Crohns and the Gut! Support Group

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This forum is created for alternative medicine. If you are committed to healing your gut naturally without any pharmaceutical drugs, please share what is working for you (and what hasn't). Happy Healing to All of You!


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I was diagnosed with a MILD case of Crohns about 2 weeks ago (minor inflammation at the end of small intestine and in rectum). I am currently on Vitamin Code "50 and Wiser" multivitamin (yes, I'm 33 taking old lady vitamins, haha), Turmeric and black pepper capsules (Amazon), Women's probiotics, Fish oil, Iron (I've always been anemic), B12, Wild Oregano oil (2 drops every morning under the tongue) and BONE broth (lots of it!) A quick Google search will educate you on the importance of Bone broth to your gut, and overall wellness.

So far so good, I have no pain or diarrhea at all, but still some light bleeding, the rectum is hard to heal! This week I have eaten nothing but soft foods and mostly broth, also limited my Gluten intake and plan to ween myself off of it altogether along with dairy. I had a small amount of plain Kefir, something I used to drink a lot before being diagnosed, and it just about killed my poor tummy. I'm guessing this could be because I'm in a flare. Otherwise, after a rough week last week (brain fog, fatigue, weakness, crankiness, etc) I am feeling totally back to normal!

How are you feeling?
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Saskia and Seamus
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Hi HH,
I'm a mum with a 9 yr old who's had crohns since birth, and have tried many alt therapies, if you can get arsenicum album homeopathic remedy - LIQUID DROPS - and now we are just starting on oregano oil protocol of Jini Patel Thompson, it seems to be working after only four days! see my post on parent's support group, I have to go cook dinner now but will carry on with this tomorrow.
Hugs and hope,
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Hello. I'm hoping more people join this group because it's one of the only ones I've seen where the preferred method of treatment isn't pharmaceutical meds. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2006, but I can look back and clearly see the start of my symptoms in 2001 when I was a freshman in college. I no longer lived at home and was eating a whole bunch of garbage food and drinking a lot of alcohol... I mean come on I was in college I had diarrhea up to 6 times a day, very embarrassing.

Between 2003 and 2008 I had 6 major flare ups where I experienced excruciating pain in my back and stomach, I would be doubled over in pain for hours on end until finally I'd throw up and feel some relief. The first time this happened I was misdiagnosed with a UTI!! Not even close! Finally in 2006 someone knew what they were doing and tested for Crohn's. At that point they started me on meds, I took them for a couple years and had absolutely no relief from my symptoms whatsoever.

I unfortunately continued eating pre-packaged food, cheap vodka, and Chinese take-out quite frequently. Then in 2008 when a flare up began, I waited and waited and waited to throw up so the pain could be over, I was used to the routine by now. But, this time it wouldn't stop. I had a friend rush me to the ER and they wouldn't let me leave. My small intestine was totally blocked and they had to remove 6 inches of my ileum.

At that point I was still in the dark as to what to do, but fortunately I started using my brain and realized I should probably make some lifestyle changes. Slowly over the course of the next few years I made changes in my diet and I don't drink vodka anymore. No more fast food either!

When I met my now husband back in 2010, he started teaching me about the dangers of preservatives and artificial ingredients. He really opened my eyes and since then I've made it a necessity to read all ingredient labels, cook my own food, and use food and nutrition as a treatment. I've had 0 flare ups since my surgery.

I'm still doing research all the time on how I can keep improving, but at this point I've come so far and thoroughly believe that nutrition makes all the difference when it comes to digestive disorders. I want to keep learning and hear more and more about what others are doing to heal themselves and maintain their healthy guts.

I suffer from anxiety, and that's a big problem for me today. Anxiety makes symptoms arise, and symptoms give me more anxiety to prolong this vicious cycle.

I've depended on immodium at times, but I want to stop that as well, as it can have long term side effects that are bad for your heart.

I'd love to hear what others are doing, thanks!!
Ren, LPC
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RentLPC - I would love to learn more about how you eat that helps! We are worried if my husband cuts out the packaged foods he will lose more weight and he is already underweight. Did you have that problem too?
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Hi cheerio27,

I went from mostly poor food choices of processed foods and smoking, to being vegetarian and a non smoker, (at the request and under the supervision of my doctor) 2 years ago. I didn't lose anything, I am stronger and healthier with more energy than before. I also eat organic foods and take vitamin supplements. I eat in in normal portions, "grazing" up to six times a day. Because the vegetables are lower in calories you can actually eat more, while getting a whole food, natural source of bio available vitamins. I put no limit on my amount of fruits and vegetables consumed. I eat more than before actually, I feel full after eating too. Most of all I feel healthier, by leaps and bounds compared to before the diet change. It is possible to change from processed food and not lose weight. In fact, it can feel great. It really is a simple matter of calories consumed versus calories burned. If you consume the same amount of healthy calories as you did processed food calories you shouldn't lose any weight.

Best of luck, I hope my info was useful. Give me a pm if you would like specifics of what my doctors recommended during my different stages of IBD. Keep in mind we are all different so that is the real challenge.
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I have only eaten fruit for 6 weeks now (I've also done several 48 hour dry fasts) and I am feeling amazing (I have had crohn's for over a decade now). This is the first video I watched that sent me down this path. I am not a preacher of this (yet) as I should give myself more time before drawing full blown conclusions but I mean within the next year I will have a far better idea. Regardless, I feel fruit is our bodies healer and we are supposed to eat a diet consisting primarily of this.

Also, as someone previously said, I'm also taking wild oil of oregano after watching a Jini Partel video, not sure if it's helping though it's definitely not hurting, taking it for 2 weeks now. And I take lifespace gut health formula (with b infantis)

Still taking my humira but at the start of this year I was going to have surgery on my duodenum, change to methotrexate and infliximab. So right now I'm pretty confident I've avoided all that and on my way to wellness after a decade of crohn's and now currently osteoarthritis at only 25.
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Lynda Lynda
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This sounds like something worth looking into. Thanks.

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