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7th Remicade treatment, still in a flare

B started to flare before her 7th Remicade treatment so we doubled the dose last week. She is showing signs of a major flare. How long should it take before this treatment works?

I am not sure if I should assume the Remicade is not the drug for her or wait it out. thanks for any advice
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Continue to be hopeful
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Sorry no advice just support!
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Sending hugs and support. C had a major flare after 7th remicade infusion, we upped the dose and shortened the schedule. Next we added MTX. With C, the day after each infusion all of his symtoms go away it just doesn't last, symptoms start to pop up before next infusion. If he doesn't make it this time then we are supposed to rescope.

I hope the doubled dose works quickly.
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You really need to discuss this with your Gi
Especially if she is flaring .
They can give you guidance as to what is to be expected.
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While some respond quickly to remicade, everyone's different and some will take a bit longer. I have no experience (yet) so have only a bit of knowledge about this...

I believe remicade becomes less effective (or effective for less time) if she has begun to develop antibodies. Has she been tested for this? I believe adding methotrexate can also reduce the incidence of antibodies.

I'm going to tag Clash - her son is on both remicade and methotrexate.

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Sorry to hear things are not going great. No experience with Remicade, just wanted to send support!
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Thank you all for the support. She was tested once for antibodies and it was negative at that time.
I will plan to call the GI today or Monday to just give her an update.
It has helped talking with some of the moms going through the same thing. Thanks so much to Clash... sometimes just talking things out helps.
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Was she doing fine before this flare? Once a child is responding to Remicade and sailing along with blood tests etc, our GI says symptoms are a flare and he hits it with Prednisone. However, if she was never sailling along then it is an issue of the Remicade not being the right dose or schedule etc. If that is the case then there are alot of things they can do with the Remicade to help it along. Shorten interval, raise does, add another treatment (drug or EEN).

Good luck with your talk with the GI...hoping he/she has some trick up their sleeve!
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Yes, we did double her dose last week.
She had one month, when she appeared to be symptom free. It was the first month since she was diagnosed. But during that time she had the flu, so she really didnt enjoy it. I think the flu bug could have put it back into the flare.

I do not want her back on Prednisone, unless is is a must. But she may add in an anitbiotic again.

It is so frustrating. vent, vent, vent. Like all of us, I just want to fix it right now.

thanks again for the support.
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Each time Ellie gets a bug of any kind, cold-stomach flu-upper respiratory infection, it plays havoc on her IBD. We can be so so so close to remission and it will throw her right back almost to square one. Our doctor has told us once we get her into a rock solid remission she won't flare with every virus she gets. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about that and see what he thinks?

Hope she feels better soon
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Same here virus=flare usually.
Hope she is feeling better.

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Hang in there Jules, i think you needa throw the kitchen sink at it, talk to GI bout options, and try not to stress about the things you can't control and try change the things you can, I don't know what her diet is like but maybe it's time to try SCD or gaps?

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