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Doctor in Salt Lake City area?

Looking for a GI for my son with Crohn's in the Salt Lake City area. We are wanting someone who is willing to monitor and help get drug free if possible. Currently we have a doctor that thinks drugs are part of life and he doesn't even believe in EN.

Thanks everyone!

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Did you check the doctor directory here? I don't know if one of them would work for you but hopefully some other SLC area people will be along shortly.

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I see JM directed you to the directory here, so I just wanted to say good luck !

Are you talking about going completely drug free? Or just trying EN for short time to get your son into remission ?
Is the Remicade/Mtx combo not working ?

Or is he only on Remicade now ?

EN is normally only used to gain remission, and isn't normally recommended for long term only.
There are quite a few parents here that have used it to induce remission, however, meds are usually highly recommended to maintain it.

Is your current doctor not willing to do even a short term on EN?

best wishes, and sorry for all the questions and no advice
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He is only on Remicade now. The methotraxate was causing problems and was stopped. I was interested in EN to help put some weight on my son and hopefully some height.

He grew 1" from August 2011 to June 2012 and gained 1 lb. He's gained 6 lbs over the last 8 weeks since tweeking his diet - eliminated lactose and grains.

He seems to have skin issues the longer he's on Remicade. So, am looking for another maintenance drug.
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Does your son see a dermatologist ?
They can help with the skin issues .
DS has skin issues but so far we have found a mix that seems to help.
Outside of 6-mp or humira there are not alot of other drug options.
En ( formula in addition to food) can be used in addition to remicade or humira or 6-mp
But your child is going to still need a maintenance med.
EEN ( formula - no food) only works similar to pred - it puts people into remission but meds are needed once food is started.
Generally EEN only truly brings remission to kids with mild disease as well.

I wish there was an easy answer but the goal is to keep the inflammation down as much as possible as long possible until they can come up with better drugs.
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