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Do others have a constant cold type virus?


Just wondering if any others have a constant cold type virus even when in remission please?

My main frustration is that I am always feeling viral with cold type symptoms, 'coldy' head, chills etc and just generally 'under the weather'. It fluctuates but it's always there. It's only like a cold but I've had it for over 5 years now! Doesn't help when dealing with fatigue either!

I do realise that I am very lucky in that since Dx with CD in 2014 I have mostly responded really well to meds and currently haven't had a flare up since 2016. I am on 75mgs Aza, 4g Pentasa, 20mgs Omeprazole and a Multivit, I eat healthily/carefully and I keep fit, my bloods always come back normal and my WBC counts have been fine for over 2 1/2 years (too much Aza wiped them then, all good now!) IBD Nurse and Doc have been great but not able to help with this.

Happy to crack on with this but if other folk get something similar and have found solutions, I'd be delighted to hear suggestions! Thanks

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That hasn't been my situation. I would contact your gp.
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My colds take a long time to clear up, but they do eventually clear up. It's not constant.
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I agree with Scipio, my colds and virusís can linger on for a few weeks but eventually they do clear up.

This might sound silly but could it be an allergy? Iíve heard PPIís can increase histamine production, as can stress etc.

I have a few allergies and on a bad day I can feel really terrible almost like a bad cold. I take fexofenadine on prescription for this which does help but there are days where Iím just bad regardless.

Just a thought, hope you get some answers soon!
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Could possibly be a side effect from one of your medications. Could be allergies possibly. Do you still have your tonsils? Sometimes even those can make people chronically sick. Mine did but I basically had strep throat often which was made worse when I was on Humira. Meds like Aza could possibly make it worse IF it is your tonsils. Once I had my tonsils removed I never got strep again. Worth looking into assuming you still have them. If you do maybe talk to an ENT (ear nose and throat specialist) about it.
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