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Barium blues

Uuuughhh!!! I feel soo pukey. Even though the barium and methylcellulose contrast was injected into my small bowel thru my PEG tube, it hasn't made it one bit better than the last barium test I had many moons ago. In fact I think that was prob. better because I chucked up more of it.

Feel like I have eaten a gigantic meal of chalky, tasteless, puke-inspiring crap and it is sitting in my guts like lead and causing major cramping. I have had anti-sick tabs, tried sipping water, etc. etc..... and still feel like I am going greener by the minute.

To make it all the more fun, my gut is really slow to empty... as proven by the enteroclytitis test yesterday/today. So it's gonna take some time to pass.

Any tips to get thru this?
Cookie Cat

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MINI Cooper
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I wish I had some tips for you.
I always struggle with the barium myself.
Our tummies seem to just know that some foreign nasty crap
is coming down and doesn't want to digest it.
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Hey cookie sorry to hear its not going well and your feeling so sick at the moment.

I don't have any tips to help you I'm affraid, hopefully others will post some soon.

In the mean time: *Does the magic monkey dance to try and cheer you up*

Hang on in there.
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Thanks guys. Yeh, I was told I 'just' have to ride it thru. Ughh....

On double dose painrelief with a heat pack clamped to my belly and getting anti-sick meds as much as possible. Thankfully one of my fave. nurses is on today and she's been just lovely.

Catfud, thanks for the dance. It did cheer me up. Been meaning to say what a great member you've become I'm so glad you joined up. Hope you feel better soon too.

Gotta sleep again - pain is going but my eyes are crossing over in my head.
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sorry to say i dont have much helpful advice either

youre puking smiley made me laugh though, i had no idea there was a puking smiley availible haha.

mrjmom just started a thread about her barium troubs too. she is in the cement poo stage. maybe you two can chat it out haha

*hugs* girlie, feel better soon!

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