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On the fence of life.

so I finally get into decent health this season, hoping for a good Christmas, but then my girlfriend of 3 1/2 years decides to find someone online that is much better for her. I know last year with me being in the hospital for my surgeries was a burden on her. it made money very tight for us, and we didn't get a Christmas at all because of it. but I'm gonna go into detail about our relationship too much, we both made a few mistakes here and there, but for her to go and cheat on me with some guy online, then break up with me and throw me out on the street. I had to sell so much of my stuff just to make ends meet, and I'm still struggling. she just tore my life down. everything I was doing was for us, for our future, and it's all gone now. I'm over her at least, but I'm still so angry and sad about the work I put in. I had been paying on a ring for her finally (which I am now out of over 2k) and from all of this, I have nothing to show for it. she was my "new start" I moved from Tennessee to Florida for her, leaving what little family and friends I had to this. I have like 2 friends here, and that's about it. it's the hardest thing going home to an empty house, with no one there to ask you how work was, or to help you decide on what you will have for dinner. she moved up north in with her parents and I suppose she's doing alright, she cut off communication completely. we have known each other since we were 16. I'm now 25 and now have this huge gap in my life. I'm terrorfied of ever letting another woman into my life. none of us want to be alone, but I am so afraid of this happening again. having a sick spouse is hard, but I always thought that's what loved covered in situations like that. perhaps the love on her side wasn't as strong as mine. I would have taken every pain in the world to prevent her from even having a bad day. as much as I would like to find the happiness I had with her again one day, at the same time I hope I never do.
well, that's me venting. never wrote out how I felt before. makes me feel like I just got a nice shot of a pain killer and maybe I can relax a bit.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! Breakups are so much harder when you've
been with that same person for so long. My husband went through the exact
same thing before he met me. With the same girl for years and then she
cheated on him out of nowhere. He had a lot of trust issues after that I had to
help him with. But use this time with yourself to heal and get comfortable with
who you are as a person again. And you can always vent here to your fellow
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I'm sorry! Its so hard to deal with breakups, especially when that person was mostly all you had from being away from your family. you should really take time out and do things for you right now. i think it might help a little
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Crohns disease is a never ending battle in itself let alone all the crap life decides to throw at you to mix things up. Hang on in there dude!

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